by nhsmith55 02 Mar 2012

I recently download a sweet applique design of an elephant with a red balloon.

Can someone tell me what the last stitching line on the elephant is for? It looks like it stitches directly on top of the satin stitches. Sorry I don't remember where I got the design.


by jacquipaul 03 Mar 2012

Looked at the design on Tajima and enlarged it, and it's easy to see what you mean. The explanation from bowlds seems likely, as a wide satin stitch might cause problems without the stitching lines on top of the satin stitches. Have not stiched it out, though.
How did they turn out? I'm sure they look great.
Hugs and love,

by bowlds 02 Mar 2012

You may be referring to one from Bunny Cup. The final stitch goes right thru the middle of the finishing satin stitch. I think some digitzers do this to keep a wide satin stitch more sturdy. I think it's a good idea myself.

bowlds by bowlds 02 Mar 2012

As well as being decorative.

nhsmith55 by nhsmith55 02 Mar 2012

That is the exact design I was doing! Thank you. If felt it was a little odd that the tail is outlined, by not the rest of the elephant.

by pldc 02 Mar 2012

this could be from dbc either mops or sue I think mops did the elelphant because I actually asked for it!good luck

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pldc by pldc 02 Mar 2012

brain freeze oops I was thinking of the hand puppets sorry forget i said anything