by quilter124 28 Feb 2012

2.28.12 Tie Purse Emails needed

I have sent out instructions to those that sent emails. Need emails from:
charlie2, queenofhearts, tippi, and jonell40. If you would send PM with email inside, it would be nice, then I could answer your request. T


by mollykatz 21 Feb 2014

I too would LOVE the directions for the purse made from men's tie.
If I post my e-mail address will it be posted on this site for all to see?
Thanks so much!

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dennis999 by dennis999 21 Feb 2014

The post by quilter124 was made on 28 February 2012. I have not seen more recent posts by her so am not sure how this came up.
Anyway, PLEASE DO NOT post your email in open forum. If you wish to try contacting quilter124, I would suggest sending her a PM and see if she replies to your message.

by evie 16 Nov 2013

How do I PM you? I want to try and make a tie purse...thanks

by ansalu 13 Nov 2013

Please be aware that this is a very old post (February 2012!). Don't know why this is pushed back to top . Have not seen the avatar from quilter124 for a while now.
To send a PM go to the INBOX at the top of the page and click there. Open a new message and fill in the name of the recipient (only small letters!). Write your texte and then send it ;o)
Greetings, Bettina

by 2cute 13 Nov 2013

I would like the pattern for the tie purse. Not sure how to do a PM... where and how to do a PM. Can you advise where I could find out ? Thanks, 2cute

by einon 13 Nov 2013

I don't know if I am doing this right, but I would like the instructions for Tie purse. I have made angels out of ties and these were especially nice for widows as many of them saved a tie from their husband.

If this is where I should give my email I will do so, but want to make sure first. einon

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rescuer by rescuer 16 Nov 2013

Do not put your email here. You need to send a PM using the INBOX at the top of the page.