by lr2008 12 May 2008

I have made a decision...


by shirleysisson 12 May 2008

It's a pity you feel the way you do. I have found that there is so much love and support on this site. I'm relatively new around here too and have never read any posting about your illness. If I knew that you were ill, I would certainly have given you support and kept you in my prayers as I will now do knowing your situation. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and God Bless you.

by lbrow 12 May 2008

I'm very sorry Ir I have only been a member since mar. There is no big I or little U that I can see n this fine group of sewers. When someone lets us know what is going on n their life we do care & we pray 4 God's will n their lives, I know that perhaps U r depressed because of your illness but if u leave it's because u want to not because we want u to. Stay, join n share with us what's going n your life, we do care & will listen God bless U

by karikares 12 May 2008

Oh my... I am so sorry to hear you feel that way… but I do so understand and feel your hurt. I am new here and honestly have no clue who is who and who is here and who is not been here. I have only found that I answer people as they say something to me. I do so hope you show up long enough to see all of the people who really do care. I send hope and prayers your way. I would enjoy getting to know you … as I also look forward to finding lots of new friends on the internet.

by bonita1313 12 May 2008

Wow! That is a difficult decision and the reason for it is certainly called for if what you say were true. However, I have read past posts and on page 172 you made the same decision--to leave. I have also re-read posts where you gave some excellent advice to the group and the answers were thanking you (page 176). On page 175 you received a LOT of good advice on quilt designs. On this same page (175) you also complained about designs being repeated and that paying customers should be considered first. This caused some confusion and angry words and some people stated they wished the bickering would stop. Maybe this is not the place for you (sorry) because you recently joined (January 10, 2008) and have already threatened to leave twice. This is a very friendly group and not a group that chooses favorites. EVERYONE is a favorite, some just choose to post to the community more than others and therefore their names are more recognizable. Believe it or not, there are MANY persons that chat on this site that have had or have cancer, however, they choose to be silent about it. So you see, my friend, you are not in this alone, we are all in this TOGETHER!

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iris2006 by iris2006 12 May 2008


by mad14kt 12 May 2008

lr2008 I feel your hurt and pain when you stated "I thought you were my friends and as a cancer patient I really needed friends too!!!" God has a PURPOSE for your life!!! Many people will come and go but only those who are handpicked by the LORD are ALLOWED to stay ;) I PRAY you continous success and healing in ALL your Heart's Desire.

by sand 12 May 2008

I have enjoyed your posted projects through time, thanks for that !!!
I seldom read the Community site anymore, there are so many "inputs" that I am not able to keep trace of them. But I think, your are gifted when you have gotten some good friends for real here in cyberspace. May you live well.

by missann 12 May 2008

lr2008, I am so sorry that you have made your decision. I am shy and only recently began having the courage to post. So,if I missed any postings you made about your illness and health, I apologize for not telling you that I am praying for you. Lr, I am a cancer survivor and I know how very important it is to have people love you, care for you and be concerned about you. I understand your hurt, I really do! I hope you will stay, but even if you do leave, know that you will always be in my prayers because I know how important love is and can be in your recovery. You are important, your struggle is important!

by loish 12 May 2008

Please don't leave. You add a lot to the forum and will be missed. I find there is so much going on that I don't keep track of who is here and not, and also don't get to read all of the new posts. But that doesn't mean that I don't care. I do tend to respond only when someone points something out, or someone asks for help or prayers. Hope you are better now and send you best wishes for whatever you choose to do, but really hope you will reconsider and continue here with all of us.

by letvia 12 May 2008

If you won't sign in again maybe you never will know or read any of this posts. I am sorry to hear that you will leave Cute, but sometime you have to let go some things. I wasn't congrats when I reached 5000 flowers on the left column and neither when reached 4000 on the right, but it didn't bother me, because I know sometimes it is hard to see everything or notices about other absents. I am sorry I didn't see you weren't here but it doesn't mean I don't love you, we all love you, but that is your decision and maybe you will sorry to leave cute. I hope you will feel better and come again. Flower and XoXo

by marjialexa Moderator 12 May 2008

My dear, I hope you see this. There is no "in" group here, just some people post more than others, and their absence is noticed more. I also think with the good weather, some of us can't be on here as long, there are too many chores outside to do. Please don't be offended, my friend, because I don't always get to even the second page of the posts!! I'm so sorry you were ill!! We didn't know! We would have been glad to include you in our prayers had we but known you needed them. Sometimes asking for help is the hardest thing to do, I know from personal experience. Please continue to fight the Cancer, and get support from wherever you can, if you don't feel you can get it here. We DO care about you! I personally thought you were doing a quilting show, but then my memory isn't so very good, I guess. I did enjoy all your projects and participation, I'll be sorry to lose that. Please know that you are & will be in my prayers, no matter what you do. I think you are a very courageous and talented lady, and I have enjoyed your company here. God Bless you, LR2008, wherever your road takes you from here. Marji

by simplyrosie 12 May 2008

I'm terribly sorry no one posted anything about your absence... I personally don't recall speaking with you, as I have with other ladies on this site that connected with me.... but I can assure you that if we had known you were sick, there would have been numerous women praying for you and asking how you're doing. In addition, I don't believe there is an "in" group on CUTE. Those that are more talkative receive more recognition... as it would be in a face-to-face setting. Their names pop up more... that's just a fact... simply put. Again, I apologize the you were hurt... I don't believe it was anyone's intention to make you feel shunned or discarded. Leaving this site is you choice however... I do pray for your health Lr2008 and that you would not remain angry at a group of women that never mean harm. Take care of yourself and may GOD give you peace.

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 12 May 2008

After reading this post again, I do have to add this to my previous statement… in defense of all the CUTE members, we are all mothers, daughters, wives, grandmothers, grand-daughters, aunts, cousins, employers, employees, counselors, and even pray warriors (and the list goes on and on). I think I can speak on behalf of most of the women on this site… our lives are BUSY and we unfortunately cannot remember everything about everyone and we’re definitely NOT mind readers. Personally, my life is consumed with people in my house and in my family that need something from me all of the time. So basically, it’s quite possible that I’m not going to remember that I haven’t seen someone online for a while… it’s just the way it is (plus, we’re not all in the same time zones, so I probably won’t see EVERY posting). I went through the past postings and googled your name and couldn’t find anything from you about your cancer or sharing your situation with the group… but like Bonita stated, I did see your FIRST “departure” announcement on page 172 and the division that was made about priority paying members/non paying members. If I missed any of your health notification, I again apologize, but I don’t think that your assessment of the CUTE women is accurate. I’m positive you will read these postings, contrary to your statement… so I hope the love and compassion these women have reported here resonates in your heart. Sweetie, to have friends, you need to be friendly. What you take from this site will be exactly what you put into it. The love has NOT left from CUTE embroidery. We have an assembly of women and a webmaster (Veronika) that exemplifies top-quality characteristics in women across the globe. I am blessed to be called a CUTE woman… and the mere fact that these gals are encouraging you to stay after your departure postings shows simply that. You are loved, even though you may not want it… it saddens my heart to see someone push people away and live isolated because of mere misinterpretation or misunderstandings… honey, there are probably several patients and survivors of deadly diseases on this site… you are talking to one that had battled an illnesses for YEARS and WON, contrary to what a panel of “professionals” thought. I pray you learn to not be easily “offended” and extend the grace to others that you may want extended to you. Unless you tell people what’s going on, we can’t possibly be expected to know… it takes less time to type in your prayer request than it does to search the near 200 page log for an entry someone may have posted about you… again LR, you are loved… it’s up to you on what you’ll do with that love.

marjialexa by marjialexa 13 May 2008

Well said, Teri!

mbrown123 by mbrown123 13 May 2008

thank you rosie for speaking the truth. this woman needs to grow up and deal with her emotional issues.

by anna25775 12 May 2008

oh please lr2008 don't leave us. I too was away for quite a few days lately and nobody seems to have missed me either but I didn't take it personally. I'm aware that you have contributed much more than me here and you sure don't deserve to be neglected. It is rather hard to follow who's here and who's not everyday especially if one is not constantly logged in. I am sorry to hear you have been sick and really hope you have recovered. Please don't take decisions in moments of anger and consider coming in again and staying, your contribution was an inspiration to many of us. But should you not I thank you for your contribution here and respect your decision. Here's another flower for your bunch in the meantime

by lr2008 12 May 2008

as I sit here reading through all of the posts on the comments I see so many people writing their concerns about others, asking where is this person or that person, wishing them good wishes, posting how are they feeling..
It really hurt my feelings and I dont feel like I am apart of the "IN" group of this site anymore so I am going to say Good Bye. The flowers have become a competition and are nothing more than something to just post and grab now..The love has gone out of the site for some of us..I take with me a friend or two and thank God for having met them alone the way.. Enjoy! This is my last post, I will sign off now and I wont be signing in again...
I thought you were my friends and as a cancer patient I really needed friends too!!! GOD BLESS!

sueffb1 by sueffb1 12 May 2008

Ir2008 please do not feel like that, I am not part of the "IN" group and I do not know everyone's coming and going, I do not relize when someone is absent. So sorry I did not ask about you but, I really hope all is well with you - give this group another chance - we all need eachother!! All I can say is "Luv to you and God Bless!!" Sue

mad14kt by mad14kt 12 May 2008

I am PRAYING that God allows you to check in to SHOW YOU that you are THOUGHT ABOUT and many are PRAYING you THROUGH and with YOU ;)

nini by nini 12 May 2008

I'm sorry but I'm not part of any group. I apologize for not being more attentive. I only sit here by night and it is impossible to me reading all the posts. I'll pray for you. Hope you find the strenght in your heart to face these difficult times. God bless you!

mbrown123 by mbrown123 13 May 2008

you've got to be kidding lr. get a REAL life - this is a website for goodness sakes!!!

mbrown123 by mbrown123 13 May 2008

is this junior high lr?