by greysewist Moderator 23 Feb 2012

Cuties get together. Thanks to Yvonne's question, I found another Cutie lives very close to me. I already knew another as I'd suggested she join. The 3 of us caught up for a nice chat over coffee, while Leonie's husband patiently cooled his heels elsewhere. From left, Marianne(greysewist), Leonie(leoniew)& Rosie (ropheka)


by jrob Moderator 23 Feb 2012

How wonderful - the friendships that are made here! You gals look so "CUTE"!

by snowbird42 23 Feb 2012

how wonderful to have some cuties nearby no so lucky where i am but the computer is close by....soozie

by susiesembroidery 23 Feb 2012

Lovely photo and I am pleased to meet your smiling faces over the miles/kilometres. Hope your day was full of fun. ****

by ansalu 23 Feb 2012

Wonderful to see those smiling faces. Looks like you had a good time with chattering and laughter :o)
Greetings, Bettina

by ropheka 23 Feb 2012

Amazing that the 3 of us only lived suburbs away, we had some show n tell and yep it definitely was a bottle of water on the table ... had a lovely time talking and hopefully will meet up again sooner rather than later.
A jolly great time was had by all. Rosie (on the end in pink) along with my other gorgeous gals.

by cfidl 23 Feb 2012

You look so wonderful! So glad you can gt together! Thanks for sharing! christine Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by airyfairy 23 Feb 2012

Lovely picture - thank you for posting.

by basketkase 23 Feb 2012

And that is why we are called guys are so sincerely cute together and have genuine smiles on all your faces....What fun!!

by shirlener88 23 Feb 2012

How wonderful for all three of you - looks like it was loads of fun. Can't wait to hear when you all get together again and plan some projects or two. Thanks for sharing the photo, too.

by grandmamek 23 Feb 2012

I am glad to hear you could get together. What a nice photo of the three of you. It is always nice to meet others with the same interest as yours. Hugs, Mary

by leoniew 23 Feb 2012

It was really good to meet and talk to other people who have the same interests. My husband, who
is also a Trevor, thought the same about the green bottle on the table. The earrings were bought on a shopping trip with one of my daughters.

by gerryvb 23 Feb 2012

wow, isn't that great!! You can tell by the picture you had fun together!! thanks for sharing!

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greysewist by greysewist 23 Feb 2012

We did have a lovely meet-up. How great for 3 of us to live in 3 neighbouring suburbs (I'm the 'piggy in the middle', LOL).

by christracey 23 Feb 2012

Nice photo. You all look happy. I'm not too sure about a nice coffee shop Chris as the bottle in front doesn't look like a coffee cup!

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greysewist by greysewist 23 Feb 2012

I'm silly enough without the addition of alcohol, so it's a good thing it really was water in that green bottle :)

by pennifold 23 Feb 2012

This reminds me of our meeting in Melbourne Marianne - remember - Trevor went to the market for an hour! I hope you gals all had a great time. Where did you meet up Marianne? Looks like a nice coffee shop. Love the earrings Leonie! And both gals are in PINK! Hope to hear from the other gals how it all went. Love and blessings Chris (Marianne you still look the same - you look great!)

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greysewist by greysewist 23 Feb 2012

In a coffee shop in Croydon, Vic, Chris. It really was a bottle of water, that green glass one, honestly! And Leonie's husband is a Trevor too -they must make them very patient with that name :)

by asterixsew Moderator 23 Feb 2012

What a great happy picture of the three of you. Hope you were all able to have a good chat

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greysewist by greysewist 23 Feb 2012

Cuties catchups are the best fun!