by nanabs 17 Feb 2012

Just wondering if anyone here has sewn out in the baby section the words ALL GIRL I just sewed it out to put on a small baby album and didn't really look at the picture like I should and the outline stitches that look like zig zag go all around every letter till it gets to the G and it only goes around part of the top. It does show that way in the picture once I went back and looked but I think it looks unfinished. Think I'll do it again and leave out those stitches around the edge. I love the pattern and should have looked more closely at the picture. DUH. Just giving a heads up if anyone decides to do it. Wondering what others think about it? Do you think it also looks unfinished or would you use it that way?


by mops Moderator 17 Feb 2012

Do you mean those pink lines that reminds me of a cactus? I have not used that design but I think I would try and add some extra lines.

nanabs by nanabs 17 Feb 2012

Yes those pink lines. Guess I'd have to try and hand sew them in but not so sure I coud get it to look right. Think I'll just do another without those lines, besides there are so many jump stitches between those lines. Not to mention when I tried it on my album just to see what I thought I sewed it on the wrong end of the material and it doesn't work. LOL Just not my day. hee hee Thanks for looking. Next time I'll make sure it's on the right end and leave those stitches off or look for another design... Hugs

nanabs by nanabs 17 Feb 2012

Opps lost the rest... when I tried it on the album so see what I thought I sewed it on the wrong end so it doesn't work any way. Sometimes I just do something like that. hee hee thanks