by hightechgrammy 17 Feb 2012

Uganda Quilts for Orphans update

My friend Andrea sent pictures I sent to her, of some of our first completed quilts to Patrick, the orphanage director in Uganda.
Here is what he wrote back to her..."Wow.. I am speechless now and I dont know what/ how these children will see this- this is beyond what I could think of please thank for me your friends who have made this for me and all I can say to them is that they are Angels and the many kids will be appreciated for what they have done. As you saw they were sleeping out and now they are in and they had no blankets or anything to cover themselves but they will be smiling and they will always have sweet sleep."

I have a stack of 10 quilts now and it's just February! Cuties and friends have committed to making a total of 52 at this time. Many people have said if we need a second quilt, they will make another one. We need 80 so every orphan will have one, and it would be nice to send a few extra. I know God will provide.
I am completing mine early, so I will have April to help complete others. So, if you get started, and need help finishing, my friend LInda and I will keep the last couple of weeks of April open to do that. So, please, if you need help finishing, or you want to send fabric you have selected for a quilt, please mail them to me by April 15th. Jan Wharton PO Box 516 Grand Lake, CO USA 80447.
The quilts we still need are going to be for boys, ages 2-12. The quilts can be small (like 40x42 inches) and just two layers. Bright, medium colors are best, avoiding black and whites, as it is dusty there. If you would like, I can stitch the Made with Love patch that Meganne digitized for us - the one with the cute elephant. Just let me know. I'm ready to help!

A group of my retired teacher friends and I are going to get together and have an overnight quilting bee next weekend. Won't that be fun!! I'm hoping we can stitch 3-4 that night.

Also, if postage to Colorado is a problem, let me know. I have some friends (who don't have time to sew) who have offered to help fund the shipping. When you are ready to ship, I could send you some funds by Paypal to help defray the shipping cost! Isn't God amazing!

At this site there are some photos Andrea posted after they returned in January. She is the photographer - aren't they amazing!!

Thank you all so very much - Patrick says you are Angels, and I agree. Keep on stitchin'
Hugs and much appreciation, Jan
Think how what we are doing will change the second picture!


by alexgrandma 25 Feb 2012

My quilt is started but not finished.. It has applique elephants and butterflies. I appliqued the map of uganda in the middle of the quilt. I am done with the applique now I just need to put it together. I hope to have it done in 2 weeks.

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 25 Feb 2012

Thanks for the update - and it sounds Wonderful! These kids do see Elephants and I'm sure they see butterflies too. That is just awesome!! Thank you so much. It is going to be amazing for these children! I do have you on the list!

by granniebea 25 Feb 2012

Could we do this in Aus and send the quilts diectly to Uganda? Via a collection point here?

by 1allamericangirl 25 Feb 2012

Well lets try the pictures again

by 1allamericangirl 25 Feb 2012

Hi Jan I have 2 quilts done for the Uganda orphans project. How many have you gotten so far toward what you need? If needed I can make a couple more before May. I did not get any promises out of my quilt club this month but hope someone will offer to make one or may have made one to give me at the next meeting in March. I won't send these until I know. I used the elephant label that Meganne made in the middle block on both sides of the quilts. I cut 9 x 9 blocks & by time the quilts were washed they ended up 39 x 39. That size would be great for the smaller kids but thought maybe if I make a couple more I would make them 6 blocks wide & 8
long. Here are the pictures of both.

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bumblebee by bumblebee 25 Feb 2012

Wonderful- I missed them before

by drro 24 Feb 2012

Hi Jan, This is such a wonderful endeavor! It shows how much love there is in the world!! GOD BLESS you and all who are participating!!

by hightechgrammy 20 Feb 2012

I now have a stack of 11 quilts ready to go! More on the way!
This little girl on the bed was found when she was removed from a burning hut. She had malaria also, but is now getting better. Won't it be nice when she has a special quilt. Love and hugs, Jan

by bumblebee 18 Feb 2012

Its so nice to see pics. Thanks. I'm hoping to get mine out to post office next week along with another project.

by hightechgrammy 18 Feb 2012

We still need about 18 more quilts.. anyone else willing to give it a try?

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turtleowl by turtleowl 21 Feb 2012

I am working on one, but it will be for a girl as it is purple and flowers.

by meganne 17 Feb 2012

Jan, I have material to make two quilts as soon as I am able to bend over the table to cut the squares.
I can't sit, stand or bend for any length of time but this is something I REALLY want to be part of, so I will aim to have them finished and posted by March 15 or before, if humanly possible.
Will contact you for address details, later some time, rest time now.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 17 Feb 2012

Meganne, that is sooo sweet of you, but the postage is way too high from Australia to Colorado. I do have some funding to help some with it, though. You get well first, then we can talk about it. Are you anywhere near well enough to digitize the words "Jesus Loves Me" in their language? Andrea is going to send me the translation soon, and I'd love to have it done in the same font you used on the Made with Love patch. I should have it in a few days. I don't want to pull you out of bed, or off the couch, or up out of the recliner too soon. But, I do know you won't be away from digitizing very much longer! Big, but gentle, hugs to you, Meg, Jan

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 17 Feb 2012

Jesus Loves Me in their language in the same font as you did the Made with Love patches? I won't have it for a few days, and I just thought I'd ask, as I know you won't be able to stay away from digitizing forever! You probably have ideas blooming in your head already! Hugs, gentle hugs, Jan and a huge thank you!

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 17 Feb 2012

your head already! Hugs, gentle hugs, Jan
and a huge thank you!

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 17 Feb 2012

Oops! I forgot to say pretty please?

meganne by meganne 18 Feb 2012

Absolutely! My concentration isn't so good for designs, but text is quick and easy, just let me know when you have it.
As for blankets these should come in under one pound and I have Ray's support to do this. I showed him Andrea's photo's and read Patrick's thanks, out loud, choking through my emotions and saw my man wipe the tears from his eyes. We both love children.
Hugs n blessings, Meganne

meganne by meganne 18 Feb 2012

Patrick's thanks out loud, choking through my emotions and saw my man wipe the tears from his eyes. We both love children.
Hugs n blessings, Meganne

by michemb 17 Feb 2012

This will be a life changing experience for the children
and it certainly has been an awesome experience for me.
Mine should be in the post next week Jan,

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 25 Feb 2012

Thank You, Michelle!

by cfidl 17 Feb 2012

Blessings to all involved with this project! christine

by shirlener88 17 Feb 2012

Amazing work by many wondeful CUTE family angels.