by mel08 11 Feb 2012

Just friendly reminder to back up your computers! Apparently there are more little buggers out there that can harm the inner workings of our beloved computers. Even tho I regularly check my system, I needed to do MAJOR cleaning this morning....I had to let bunches of downloads go to data heaven.

Please, be sure you have ample cyber protection on your system. It seems that embedding bad things into even design files is now a reality. Watch out for those trojans and data seekers...they are nasty.

Now I have the fun (ha ha) of reconstructing the files that are gone...but it will be least the computer is so clean that it is almost sanitary. lol And I can pretend that I have a new laptop. :-)


by snowbird42 11 Feb 2012

yes make sure your virus protection is updated regularly as there is something like 50 or more new viruses posted on the internet each day and until the are posted they (the virus programers)cant find a cure for them....soozie

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mel08 by mel08 11 Feb 2012

I just upgraded today to another "bugger getter" on my system. I was amazed how much "stuff" it caught that was NOT being zapped by my supposed better than average protection. Make you wonder how good some of them are at protection.

by susiesembroidery 11 Feb 2012

I have no clue of how to clean my computer system, but I do have a good protection. Hope I can manage my designs well enough not to get a little bugger in the system. All the best.***

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mel08 by mel08 11 Feb 2012

Hope your system stays "clean", too!

by nhsmith55 11 Feb 2012

This is so true! We had a major problem last spring. I'm sure I picked up a nasty bug somewhere. My husband tells me to go ahead and download any design I want, but I have really cut back.
Thanks for the reminder!

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mel08 by mel08 11 Feb 2012

I have cut WAY back, too...and the funny thing is that the bugger got in sometime in the past month. I bet the cat has bee looking at the laptop when I am away from it. lol