by buffy1 09 Feb 2012

Does any one know where to find a large applique A for use in a 5 x 7 hoop? Any hints on sewing individual applique alphabet to make a word? Would like to have the word hogs in applique. when I did it the letters lapped on top of each other other. Unique looking; but would like to to it correct.Only had my brother 780D a year so in the learning stage. Thanks very much



by sewmom 10 Feb 2012

1. This post has links to several applique alphas free.
2. This post has links to 5x7 applique numbers but several of them are full alpha links.

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buffy1 by buffy1 10 Feb 2012

Thank you!

by castelyn 10 Feb 2012

Hi there,
Sending you a PM
Please reply and then I will forward via email.

Is this what you are wanting.

Hugs Yvonne

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buffy1 by buffy1 10 Feb 2012

Thanks you very much

by gerryvb 10 Feb 2012

perhaps you can use these letters, they are free

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buffy1 by buffy1 10 Feb 2012

thank you

by mops Moderator 10 Feb 2012

Unfortunately unlike built-in alphabets you can not arrange the separate letters in your machine. The only way I can think of when you don't own embroidery software is printing templates of the letters, cutting them out, arranging them on your fabric and marking the centres for correct placement, just like you would combining other designs.
Come to think of it I wonder whether you could print templates without software!
Not much help, is it?

mops by mops 10 Feb 2012

Have you looked at Fivestarfonts for large free appliqué letters, they have several in various sizes.

buffy1 by buffy1 10 Feb 2012

thank you

by drro 09 Feb 2012

There is an appliqué design set in the DBC section, that can be used on banners similar to the one posted by smithandsmith recently. You might find it in the DBC catalogue. I will give you the link.

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buffy1 by buffy1 10 Feb 2012

thank you