by carolpountney 05 Feb 2012

My question is on the flowers, is it ok just to give a flower of thanks for a free design or must we send a message of thanks as well, silly question but I often think of it


by hightechgrammy 06 Feb 2012

Hi Carol, I always leave a flower when I download someone's design, and for that I usually leave a thank you message -UNLESS it is an old posting, a design that was posted a long time ago. Then if you post a message, it brings the design to the top. The design may already have been catalogued and it messes up finding it again. So, just a flower is great. If it is a wonderful design and you want to thank the digitizer, especially, then send a PM. Clicking flowers otherwise is entirely up to you, and doesn't mess anything up. It can also help you know which messages you have already read. It feels good to see your own flowers grow. Hugs, and a new flower for you! Jan

by castelyn 06 Feb 2012

There are no silly questions.
It is up to you.
I leave a flower and a thank you message for the designs that I download.
In this way, I can see if I have already downloaded the design.
Because as soon as someone adds a comment,
to the post it brings it back to the top of the page.
So if an old post comes forward I can see if I have already downloaded. So that I don't duplicate.

Hugs Yvonne

by 02kar Moderator 05 Feb 2012

Certainly not a silly question. I love leaving flowers and wish I could leave one for everyone everyday. But time, muscles and nerves dictate what really happens. So always flowers to the person typing the message but not always a message back.

by sewfrenzie 05 Feb 2012

When I started I only left a flower so I could go back and leave feedback after I stitched them out. Now I say thank you and leave a flower. If I have problems with a design, which has rarely happened I contact the digitzer in a pm. I think it is up to you. A flower say thanks too in many eyes, and some do not like when a design that is old comes back to the front. I don't mind, it brings up things I have not downloaded or may have missed.
Hugs and flowers to you!