by bevintex 28 Jan 2012

What size is the quilt supposed to be for the Uganda project? I can't find the measurement. Thanks for helping



by hightechgrammy 28 Jan 2012

Hi Bev, Thanks for asking! The largest the quilt should be is approx. 48 inches x 60 inches or basically crib size. It can be smaller too. There are lots of toddlers, who can certainly snuggle up to one that is 48 x 48. Remember to keep it lightweight as Uganda is on the equator. If the quilt requires batting, just use lightweight cotton or a sheet. Thank you so very much! Jan

bevintex by bevintex 28 Jan 2012

Thanks Jan
Got the fabric today now to decide what to do.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 29 Jan 2012

I'm so grateful to you for making one! I'm working on my first one, and it's really exciting! hugs, dear friend, Jan