by mel08 22 Jan 2012

I have been looking for a "flame" font that is in at least 3 colors (red, orange, yellow) for some Bar-b-que aprons I want to make. All I can find are the single color flame type fonts. Any ideas as to where I can find this alphabet?


by sewmom 23 Jan 2012

1. page 4 - flames on wheels - 2.88 inch
2. 2 color flames -4 inch
3. 1 color, 1 inch

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mel08 by mel08 23 Jan 2012


by sukira 23 Jan 2012

Embroidery Library has some BBQ designs with "fire fonts". Also has a "fire font like you described.

by mel08 23 Jan 2012

Thanks for all your ideas, but I am still looking....


by cfidl 22 Jan 2012

I think I have one, I will be back when it is located! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by drro 22 Jan 2012

There are 2 at Sewforum, Mamannie's and Sewforlife's :>)

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drro by drro 22 Jan 2012

OopS! They are single color, but maybe you can use an applique/outline command to outline the you have that option with your machine?

by drro 22 Jan 2012

Here is one at sewforum by mamannie7 it is really hot!;>)

by maryjo 22 Jan 2012

There are a couple here. Just put "flame" in the search box.

by parkermom 22 Jan 2012

on there are a couple tht might work for you. On the first page of the fonts, there is a Fiesta one, and on the second page, the Harry Potter font might work. All are just $4 for the set, and they sew out beautifully. Hope this helps.
Jennifer from Arkansas

by grossfamilie 22 Jan 2012

Do you know the firebird font we recently collected from It is still available but no more
free of charge but maybe you need only single letters if you like it at all - has three colors. If not good for you
good luck for searching or suggestions. Maria