by dbw01 20 Jan 2012

Help! I got subscription when they were re-doing the site. I couldn't download then, and I still can't. I put things in my cart and only get options to pay for them through paypal or c2o with a large $$$ amount. Before I just hit download and I could download. But with the new site, I can't find where I can download. I am signed in, lol. Help. My time will run out soon, (March 6th I think) and I haven't been able to downloaded not one thing yet. I can't even contact them. I get sent to a fusion site and after I press send I get the page back blank, and have to retype the email. Anybody have an inside track to the powers that be? TY, Debbie


by sewbadly 20 Jan 2012

Are you able to download now?

by ansalu 20 Jan 2012

Hello Debbie
and welcome to Cute. Why did you not ask a little earlier? There are newbies every week with this question you are not alone :o)
You don't add the designs to cart you just click on the pic and then there is a green tab on the right "Free Download for members": That's yours ;-)
Hope you have much fun in the rest of your membership; for the alpahs the best is to dl the packs (saves a lot of time *lol*).
Greetings, Bettina

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dbw01 by dbw01 20 Jan 2012

Wow! TY. I was not going to each pix. I was adding to the cart from the page where there were many pix on the page so I could download many at once from the cart. I didnt want to air dirty laundry here. So I just kept waiting for them to fix the problem. Figured they knew there was a prob and didnt want to bother them, knowing they had their hands full with this prob. lol What an air head I am. TY all for your help.

by gerryvb 20 Jan 2012

To download, sign in. click on the picture of the design you want, that brings you to next page with the green tab like Michelle mentioned.

dbw01 by dbw01 20 Jan 2012

TY - Gerryvb - VB is that Va Beach?

gerryvb by gerryvb 20 Jan 2012

haha, my complete name is much longer and no va Beach.

by michemb 20 Jan 2012

Hi Debbie
You should not put things in your cart, there is a green tab for members only, click and it will take you to the format you want, choose it and you can then download,
Good Luck

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dbw01 by dbw01 20 Jan 2012

TY, I didnt want to bother them, I figured they had their hands full fixing this prob and didnt need me bugging them about the problem. I am such an air head.