by starlizard 16 Jan 2012

Hair Clip cover outlines...

Uploaded a set of 8 in 2 colors. The stitch count is 4663 for the whole set.

Maureen would like to have them in the ART3 format, which I cannot do in my Futura or Wilcom programs. If someone would like to convert it for her, I'm sure she would appreciate it.



by sorval 16 Jan 2012

normal you can use wilcom for to put it in a other file like pes or hus or so
when you need my help send me a PM ok
hugs Sonja

starlizard by starlizard 16 Jan 2012

Hi Sonja... I noticed that Wilcom recognizes the ART format, but I couldn't get it to save in that format. The Futura program recognizes a lot of the formats, but not that one. Thanks for responding.

mops by mops 16 Jan 2012

Many software programs can read ART and convert FROM it but none can convert TO it except the Bernina software.

starlizard by starlizard 16 Jan 2012

I expected it was something like that. Thanks, Martine.