by arsenio 09 Jan 2012

Hello every one at Cuties. Happy Year. Yesterday was my husband's 55 birthday. we had a ball of a time.

I was told that some group in UK (machineembroideryselfhelpers) helps people who have Janome Digitzer MB. I tried going to the site. It says that the group stops taking members. I would like to join but how do I contact them.
Thank you.

Bernadette de Souza.


by dany2011 18 Jan 2012


by greysewist Moderator 09 Jan 2012

Your question had me looking and it seems like there is another forum related to Digitizer MB:

I have this software too, so maybe I'll take a look and think about joining.

by oaro 09 Jan 2012

Happy Birthday to you husband

by ramona 09 Jan 2012

Sorry I can't answer you Janome question but will send ttt for you in case someone else can.

Wishing you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR as well!

ramona by ramona 09 Jan 2012

Also, Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!

mjjust2ofus by mjjust2ofus 18 Jan 2012

what does the ttt mean?