by diamondfowler 04 Jan 2012

I took the challange to clean up my sewing room, well it now looks like two major hurricanes went through and spent the night in there. I am going through every container to see if there might be something I would throw away!! I'm a hoarder!!


by lulu07 04 Jan 2012

Hoarders, aren't we all? lol...know what you mean, there is an explosion on top of my dining room table and in the spare bedroom closet...I really have to get in there and organize this year..but having too much fun chatting with my cutie friends and seeing what they are up to...ahhh well, soon!

by bettytaylor 04 Jan 2012

I laughed at your comment. last time I got the box of scrap material out to make potholers, I had more in the box when I finished than when I started and I made a bunch of potholders. I was trying to eliminate that box. Betty

asterixsew by asterixsew 04 Jan 2012

Oh Betty, thanks for the laugh, it seems most of us have similar sewing rooms

diamondfowler by diamondfowler 05 Jan 2012

I did throw away some scraps, well i donated to us. org. in our area there are a lot quilters out there that might need some of this, i even gave some sissors away that hurt my hands.....I'm proud of my selt

by sqdancer 04 Jan 2012

Have been doing a little each day as this place has to be a little neater before I take off for Florida next was another shredding day, yesterday got a lot of my threads put back on their spindles, but still can't see the top of my work table, oh well one day at a time....

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diamondfowler by diamondfowler 05 Jan 2012

What part of fl are you coming to? I live in the central part around Gainesville

by asterixsew Moderator 04 Jan 2012

Well it sounds like I am yet another who is having a clear up. Mine has been finding the carpet after the Christmas preparations. I bought 2 100litre boxes and one is already filled. My husband made a huge table in my sewing room and everything goes under the table. It is easy to forget what is hidden, so with my wheely boxes it should be easier to pull them in and out. Unfortunatly when I got the boxes home one of them was damaged. I will get another to replace it when I am next on my travels

by debswebster 04 Jan 2012

I have been in the midst of doing the same thing. My sewing room is in a state of shock. My embroidery stuff is all nicely tucked away and in good order, but my fabrics and clothing samples and unfinished projects are getting a good look over. I find it hard to toss stuff so have spent the last few days washing, repairing and finishing off the good stuff to give to my "bag lady". Wools and beads and other bits are going in a box for the Salvation Army. I know after all this I will still be overflowing. I just call it "shopping in my own store" because I find stuff I never knew I had and this gets the creative juices flowing again. Yippie

by read180 04 Jan 2012

I too am taking the challenge to organize. But I think a tornado hit this room. You never know just when those scraps will come in handy for a small project. Happy organizing. We will need to show pics. When we are all done. If it is even possible to be done. Work gets in the way of having fun.
Cindy B.

by michemb 04 Jan 2012

I sort, decide what I will not use and then call the local church group or other orgainzations and donate. They are very quick to come and collect and happy when I call, I guess I have pretty good junk LOL, remember one womens junk is another womens treasure,
recycle, reuse and redistribute, that is my motto,

by lrichardson 04 Jan 2012

When it comes to sewing or embroidery supplies, there is no such thing has hoarding. Ha!

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snowbird42 by snowbird42 04 Jan 2012

well said i totally agree but is it not funny when you want a particular item you just dont have the right one and have to buy

by cutegirl 04 Jan 2012

I have cleaned up my whole house and have take a whole lot of stuff and donated it to the S.P.C.A which I do every year, I wait for one year and if not used by then, then I give it away. I have not touched my sewing room, I cannot clean up anything because there is nothing that I want to give away from that room.

by noah 04 Jan 2012

good girl :):)hugs

by lique 04 Jan 2012

I am normally a minimalist. My kitchen is checked every year and what I have not used that year goes in the loft for a year, if I still have not used it after another year away it goes. But come to craft stuff!!!! I can nort even throw the tiniest scraps away, I buy all kind of materials,card,buttons etc. and my room is filled to the top! I have just reorganised and not thrown anything away, just added another cupboard!

by bevintex 04 Jan 2012

don't ever throw away sewing,craft supplies. give them away. The person who receives them will be thrilled and you will feel good too.

by fabricfairy 04 Jan 2012

This is what I should be doing....oh how I hoard, but only sewing things.

by justsew 04 Jan 2012

O No if you throw anything away, you will need it next week.Hugs Pam.

by rmj8939 04 Jan 2012

That sounds like something I would do.(-:

by almag 04 Jan 2012

OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Deaaarrrr!!!!

I do hope you keep the 'clean up the sewing room' bug over on your side of the world.


by patchwork4424 04 Jan 2012

I wouldn't throw anything away either. Just tidy up!!!

by blueeyedblonde 04 Jan 2012

Clean up, don't get rid of anything. Only get rid of it if it is a craft you no longer do or that kind of thing. My sewing room looks like a hurricane went through it and is going to take a fair bit to get it to the way it should be (everyone always puts things in there that they don't know where to put!). Let us know how you make out.

by cherylgauteng 04 Jan 2012

Do not throw anything away !!!! You WILL need it when it is gone. I am an experienced hoarder who has thrown things away and regretted it later, a lot !

by ansalu 04 Jan 2012

My room has just 9qm and it is so packed full that I have no place to lay a fabric at and cut them. Have to go to the sleepingroom and do this on the bde :o)
Maybe I should also try to throw some things away *lol*
Greetings, Bettina

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ansalu by ansalu 04 Jan 2012

Can we see a pic? Just to motivate me to start ;o)
Hope you have the heart of a lion to be brave and thow out what you do not need...