by starlizard 11 Dec 2011

Finally! I've changed my profile picture to the real me. LOL!

Okay... here's my question:
I'm considering getting the membership to the Cute site and I was wondering if the glitches in the memberships have been corrected? I recall that there were some that was having problems.

Thoughts? Comments?


by gramsbear 11 Dec 2011

Pics are great!!! Thanx for sharing!!! Hugs, Judy

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starlizard by starlizard 11 Dec 2011

Thank you!

by starlizard 11 Dec 2011

Gotta tell ya about the picture... LOL! Remember my sewing kits that I put together for my son and his 2 friends? (By the way, they loved them!) I said that I was going to Kingston for the weekend because he had bought us concert tickets... to see Alice Cooper. Those of you who know who Alice Cooper is, now know my general age (almost 54 years, to be precise), and what sort of teenager I was back in the day. My son took the picture at the concert. I'm going to upload another pic here so you can see the top I made for the occasion. I chose Steampunk Sue as my mascot for the evening. I also put some other of the clockwork/steampunk designs on it as well. I wore a black velvet hoodie under it at the concert. It was a cold and rainy night in Kingston.

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marlakay by marlakay 12 Dec 2011


by jrob Moderator 11 Dec 2011

Great picture, Liz. I haven't heard of any problems that weren't quickly resolved. I love being a member here and I think you will, too. ;)

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starlizard by starlizard 11 Dec 2011

Okay... so I can buy the membership and breathe easy. Thanks for responding.

by shirlener88 11 Dec 2011

Liz, so happy to see a picture of the real you. LOVELY.

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starlizard by starlizard 11 Dec 2011

Thanks, Shirlene!

by starlizard 11 Dec 2011

Hi Michelle... I would have responded under your posting, but I decided I'd do a screen capture for you so you can see it.

At the top, go to the HOME page. It'll all make sense to you. When you click on the 'Add/Change picture'... you'll get a little pop up that you locate ('Browse' for) whatever picture you want to use on your computer and then 'Upload' it.

Hope to see a face for your name, too!

michemb by michemb 11 Dec 2011

Thanks so much,
now to find a mug shoot that is suitable for publication LOL

shirlener88 by shirlener88 11 Dec 2011

Liz, thanks for this - I hope it gets more to put their pictures up.

by michemb 11 Dec 2011

Nice to place a face to a name, can I ask how you did it,
I have been wanting to do mine but do not know where to begin,