by mysugarfootswife 09 Dec 2011

Might be the season...... But then, I've been thinking about this for a while. I'm retired, but that doesn't mean I don't do any work! LOL. I do love the time that I'm able to spend on the computer. And I'm totally addicted to the free designs. Have no clue what I'll ever do with all of them, but do any of us, really? Anyhow, I always say thank you or thanks when I open a post in Freebies. Even if I don't download the design. But to me it's just not enough right now. You gracious ladies save me a ton of time every day. I have come to depend on these posts more and more. I don't even have half of the sites in my favorites any more.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO here's a very big THANK YOU ALL for all the work that you do to make my life so much easier.


by hightechgrammy 09 Dec 2011

You are soooo Right - I totally agree! I have only digitized a little bit, and it takes lots and lots of time, and then you need to test and edit and test again. Then you need to take pictures... Then you have to convert all the designs to all the formats. It takes tons of time to do it right. And then, our Cute sisters, just Share these with us, for free! It truly is quite a gift. It took a long time for me to realize I don't really NEED all these designs, but I sure love collecting them. Sometimes finding a new design, gives me just the little lift I need! Thank You to those who digitize AND to those who guide us to the freebies outside of Cuties! Jan

by starlizard 09 Dec 2011

I know exactly how you feel! As for snagging the freebie designs, I've come to realize that you never can tell when you're going to need something extra special for some extra special project. Diana's new "Tools" series is the perfect example. I may get around to making myself a 'work out the garage' apron yet! So many designs... so little day light hours in a day. LOL!

by sewemb 09 Dec 2011

Well said

by lilylyn 09 Dec 2011

I would like to thank everyone for expanding my horizons and finding new embroidery sites that are "out there". Only ever buy designs on special and love all the freebies that we get on this wonderful site. Thanks to all. Lyn

by montpenn 09 Dec 2011

I too want too thank you and let you all know how very much your time and postings help. I work three jobs. one full time to stay above financial waters with two teens in the house that are very active in sports. I don't have time to always say thank you but there is no way I could possible have the freebies I have collected without your postings. For all who love to our shared addiction, We say thank you, Thank you

by chenille 09 Dec 2011

I couldn't have said it better!
Thank you!
Hugs, Nadyne

by gdsteliga 09 Dec 2011

DITTO. Thanks again

by noah 09 Dec 2011

Amen to that::):)

by almag 09 Dec 2011

I, too, appreciate the time and effort that people put into finding and posting the different designs for us all to share. I love to collect designs and I love to just look though my huge collection.
My thanks go to all those people who add fun and pleasure to my 'twilight years'.

by justsew 09 Dec 2011

OOO Bless you ,I have noticed you have just been to down load most of the designs in front of me, and I thought you must be getting up at a similar time to me and latter on it is the same.I think you could get eddictive to downloading... I do not know how to digitize ..Do you?.What do you mean its not just enough right now.. Hope you ok you can PM me if you need to chat.. Pam.

by debswebster 09 Dec 2011

Hear hear... kudos to all who post on freebies page

by rw9340 09 Dec 2011

I also would like to thank everyone for their time and hard work. I love all the designs from cuties and look forward to getting on cuties everyday.

by mad14kt 09 Dec 2011


by cfidl 09 Dec 2011

Yup! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by lindaavolio 09 Dec 2011


by jerrib 09 Dec 2011

I thank those generous people also that give us all the help we need from time to time. That's what family and friends do for each other, and this is the biggest group of Family and Friends, we all have. Nice to see that people are there for each other and expect nothing in return. The world would be a better place if everyone would think that way.

by quail 09 Dec 2011

Yes, I totally agree. Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you. My day would not be right anymore if I couldn't start it with a cup of tea and my "Cuties" addiction. God bless you all.

by sewdeb 09 Dec 2011

I can't agree with you more! To all who post daily lists and those who post just one site they want to share - Thank you so very much! Hugs and *'s, Deb

by blueeyedblonde 09 Dec 2011

Yes, aren't they wonderful!!!!!

by terriweistra 09 Dec 2011

I wholeheartedly agree with everything you have said! THANK YOU to all our generous Cutie digitisers and all the other Cuties who give us hints and tips and of course point us in the right direction for the freebies