by bunnyhop 08 Dec 2011

My new machine has arrived and i have lots of questions to ask. The machine is a singer futura XL-400. At the moment it is just sat their doing nothing. Tried to load the disc that came with it . a few things have come up. 1) Exception access violation (0xoooooo5) at address 0xo3fo2b60. 2) Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software. 3) top corner . open design the program closes down. 4) design browser futura has stopped working and the pc screen just fades away saying message saying windows will close the program. When i whated the review of the machine i thought i would be able to use the same files as my old machine in pes format .


by maobfh 09 Dec 2011

Did you buy the machine new? Tech support should be able to help? They may have a 'patch' for your windows version to deal with the conflict, or it may simply be an 'uninstall and reinstall' fix. They should be able to help you resolve the problem. If it's new, I would insist. No reason to think they won't, either way. I've called tech support on devices I've bought used, refurbished or even have had for years. Sometimes they charge, but often they don't.

by airyfairy 08 Dec 2011

Sorry I cannot offer any advice. This must be so frustrating for you. I would contact the people who sold it to you. Sarah.

by vickiannette 08 Dec 2011

sounds like your machine and computer are not 'talking to each other'. Check to see if your version of Windows 7 is 32bit or 64 bit. If it is 32, use the driver on the disc [which came with machine] for Xp or Vista - not Windows 7[because this is meant for the 64bit computer.]

by gigi70alvarran 08 Dec 2011

Hi my friend has singer futura 250 this machine reads 14 types of formats she look and for the upgrades. I have brother 270 I want to buy XL-400 next year, now i read the reviews in and here. Good luck.

by bumblebee 08 Dec 2011

I'm not sure what the error is. Maybe you need a patch if you have windows 7. I have Vista and no problems. You have to go to Singer to find out.
You can use PES files. Send an email to singer support or call.

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bunnyhop by bunnyhop 09 Dec 2011

i have the patch now i need to know what to do with it ?????

by shilly 08 Dec 2011

Have you tried the futura support on the Singer site? There is also a futura group on yahoo.

by starlizard 08 Dec 2011

I responded to this message on the Personal page. Its probably a driver issue with your operating system on your computer. I had problems with the Futura program when I upgraded my computer's OS to Windows 7 and had to go to the Futura site and download an update and then install it. There was very specific instructions for it, too. Check with the place where you purchased your machine and see if they have any suggestions.

Good luck!

by fannyfurkin 08 Dec 2011

I did a quick google search and the access error may be a windows issue. If you do a google search take the codes out (0xoooooo5) 0xo3fo2b60 This is too descriptive and will not give you any results.

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bunnyhop by bunnyhop 08 Dec 2011

i've tried the program on my pc and on the new laptop and they both come up with same message. something is not right.

by justonlyme 08 Dec 2011

I'm not familiar with the Singer machines, but try doing a Google search on the error messages and see if you can find what they mean. Sometimes they are very small and easy to fix.
IF you have PES format and your new machine uses a different format, you can convert them and use your whole library. I use Wilcom Truesizer, which does a spectacular job. New machines are sometimes frustrating because we aren't as familiar with them. I hope that once you get up and running, that all of the bugs work themselves out and you are happy with your purchase!!!!

bunnyhop by bunnyhop 08 Dec 2011

i have that program but the machine does all formats when i go to browes for a design the program shuts down. i'm not going to give up yet.

justonlyme by justonlyme 08 Dec 2011

GOOD FOR YOU!!! You will get it. I wish you the best. :)