by rmj8939 06 Dec 2011

Thank you all who were thinking of me on my first day working. The people are great and I am working in the kitchen at a large ski resort. On my feet for 8 hours but it is a job and will help out and that is what matters. Thanks again for your thoughts. Ruthie


by devon 06 Dec 2011

Keep up the great work. Nice to know that people really care about others. I will get strong every day on your feet. Great work !!

by gdsteliga 06 Dec 2011

You are an inspiration to all. Get yourself a really good pair of shoes and support stockings.
My prayers are with you.

God bless

by vickiannette 06 Dec 2011

Keep up the Omega3 oil etc!! I worked in a hotel kitchen for years, it is very hard work. God be with you.

by fannyfurkin 06 Dec 2011

I am happy to hear all went well. I do agree with jacquipaul get some stocking/hose this will help your legs a lot.

by jrob Moderator 06 Dec 2011

So glad your day went well. Now go soak in the tub for a nice long time and pamper those legs.:)

by capoodle 06 Dec 2011

Nice to hear the co-workers are great. Your an angel for helping out again after retiring.

by blueeyedblonde 06 Dec 2011

Good for you! Once you get used to it you'll be fine. Hope you enjoy the job.

by debswebster 06 Dec 2011

You are amazing, may God grant you all the strength and stamina you need.

by babie 06 Dec 2011

You surely are a great inspiration and I admire you. Being on your feet for so long is really tiring and especially at a age where the norm is to slow down.

by gerryvb 06 Dec 2011

thank you for the update. And if you do have to work, isn't it great the people you work with are nice.hope you will get used to the long time on your feet. hugs G.

by cherylgauteng 06 Dec 2011

Good luck, glad that it went fairly well for you.

by noah 06 Dec 2011

oh thanks Ruthie times are getting worse and you will be blessed at your new job i am sure .May God be with you hugs carolyn

by dlonnahawkins 06 Dec 2011

Glad to hear yu had a good day - but one your feet that long....make sure you have good shoes!.

by jacquipaul 06 Dec 2011

My advice is to get some support hose, and good shoes, to help your legs as you stand on your feet, when you are able. Good luck with the job; I know you can do it!

by airyfairy 06 Dec 2011

Hope the job goes really well for you.

by edithfarminer 06 Dec 2011

good on you, hope you keep it up. Take care Hugs edith

by shirlener88 06 Dec 2011

Ruthie, you are much stronger than you think - keep on working and doing what you need to do - GOD bless you my dear.

by beatie58 06 Dec 2011

Ruthie, Was thinking about you and glad you are enjoying your job...Hugs Sally

by pennifold 06 Dec 2011

Good to hear Ruthie. I hope your legs don't get too weary. Love and blessings Chris