by carolpountney 02 Dec 2011

This is not a question, but had trouble with the internet this morning and thought I would not be able to plug in to Cuties to day and got the shakes I am totally addicted, alls well now thank goodness


by sewfrenzie 02 Dec 2011

Lol! I can relate. I have to check up on whats going on here with my Cutes Family every morning. Might have to do with being out in the country and a homemaker, lol! For me at least :D
Have a great day!

by ansalu 02 Dec 2011

Could you imagine to go on holiday to a place without internet? ;o) Was in the Tuscany/ Italy for 9 days in summer and only th beautiful surrounding saved me *lol*
Greetings, Bettina

by michemb 02 Dec 2011

It is almost as bad as caffeine withdrawal isn't
I have to start my day with cute and end it in the same way. Glad to hear things are back to normal, now have a great day,