by duckie1 30 Nov 2011

Sorry - don't even know how to add a picture. The words on the bib are "these fools put my cape on backwards" Will try again.


by michemb 30 Nov 2011

This is sooooo cute, love the saying. I could use that on a few jokers I know.
Thanks and Hugs

by blueeyedblonde 30 Nov 2011

So cute!

by cfidl 30 Nov 2011

Welcome to Cute! You did a great job with this and I love the saying. I may have to make a regular size - 1 JUMBO! LOL Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by starlizard 30 Nov 2011

It takes a few minutes for pictures and images to load and clear the system. As for the bib... LOL! I love it! I'm sitting here thinking about how to make one for my 23 year old son... who's alter ego thinks he's Superman. LOL! I'm sort of joking... but then...

by bumblebee 30 Nov 2011

Love it1

by jofrog2000 30 Nov 2011

I like that.

by capoodle 30 Nov 2011

Cute saying and nice stitching on the bib.

by greysewist Moderator 30 Nov 2011

That's so clever! And you were too, as you did work out how to load a picture. Thanks for showing us. It looks great.

by sewfrenzie 30 Nov 2011

Very cute! Lookslike you figured out how to add pictures. Aw the things we learn here! :D