by stillbehind 29 Nov 2011

Help!! I am having a real "DUH" moment. Can anyone tell me the steps needed to stitch out Katulle's "Christmas Mood" and the coasters that she donated to DBC. The pictures of the steps are just not doing it for me. LOL Any help would be greately appreciated. Thank you,

Ellen in Las Vegas


by cfidl 30 Nov 2011

Thank you for asking! Live Laugh Download Stitch! and Welcome to Cute! Lots of good things happening here! christine

by jrob Moderator 29 Nov 2011

1st color thread: line to be covered with your fabric;
(lay your fabric covering the entire stitched area)
2nd color thread: stitches on top of your fabric. Remove your hoop from the machine- DO NOT remove your fabric from the hoop. Trim the fabric outside of the stitched line and replace the hoop back in the machine.
3rd color thread: stitches the details on the tree.
4th color thread: Place back fabric UNDER your hoop without removing it from the machine and stitch. Then, remove the hoop from the machine again. DO NOT remove your fabric from the hoop. Trim the back fabric outside of the stitched line.
5th color: Finishes the back and front of the design.
Hope this makes sense to you, if not try doing it anyway and you will see how it goes together. Be sure to match your bobbin thread to your top thread so both sides look good. ;)

jrob by jrob 29 Nov 2011

You can add batting with step 1 and lay the fabric AND batting down to stitch if you want to.

stillbehind by stillbehind 29 Nov 2011

Thank you ladies. I think I have it now. That is how I thought it went together (basic applique), but for some reason I was doubting myself! Thank you again.