by janetedna 27 Nov 2011

Tips required please, on getting iron-out stabiliser to 'iron out' Not impressed at the moment.


by blueeyedblonde 02 Dec 2011

Glad you asked this as I'll know not to get some to try!

by marjialexa Moderator 02 Dec 2011

I use the Floriani product Heat'n'Gone. I'm not sure I'd use it for FSL, water soluble is best for that. But the mistake most people make with the heat'n'gone type products is that they actually "iron" it. First, tear away the biggest part of it, which should come off easily after the design is done. Then, with the tip of your hot iron, just get it CLOSE to the stabilizer, and the stabilizer should evaporate. If you actually "iron" or "press" the stabilizer, when it evaporates it has to go someplace, and that will be either your iron or your fabric. The point of this stabilizer is that it will kind of melt into the air, but you have to give it that air, leave a space for it to evaporate. That's why I suggest only the tip of the iron, or perhaps one of those tiny irons that quilters use. I think using the term "iron-out stabilizer" gives the wrong impression of how to remove it. Use your iron, but DO NOT PRESS, DO NOT IRON. Hope this helps you use the stabilizer you already have more successfully. I wouldn't use it for lace at any rate, though. Just use as a topping for things with a heavy nap, like towels. Best of luck, Marji

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janetedna by janetedna 05 Dec 2011

Thanks for this info, very interesting,will try this next. The instructions did say, though, 'to keep the iron moving; for cut-work; delicate fabrics etc.etc' so I did expect it to disappear.This is Madeira Super Film, so once I've used it all I might try Heat'n'gone. ? Jan

by janetedna 02 Dec 2011

I tried again with this iron out stabiliser and then, having trimmed the excess, I sandwiched the lace between cotton fabric and tried my laundry press! I got it as hot as I could, pressed it for 1 minute and opened up. At least this time it was easy to pull the outside excess away from the edge, so that's something. I pressed it another minute but the rest wouldn't disappear but at least now there's some hope of using the roll up! (eventually)! Jan

by gerryb 27 Nov 2011

I, too, bought a roll. For towels, used it once & had a terrible time getting it off! Agreed, it has to be a really hot iron! Don't use it on your velvet!!

by cfidl 27 Nov 2011

Great! Another barrier! I have velvet I want to embroider and I was told this was the way. I purchased it a while ago, so I am sure it is too late to return. Thanks for the info. If I find something good in my experimenting, I will let you know!

by zoefzoef 27 Nov 2011

thanks for placing the question and informing us ! will not buy it !

by capoodle 27 Nov 2011

These reviews have me never wanting to buy this stuff. Sounds like a big hassle to get it to disappear with the regular home iron. Wonder if the local dry cleaners could get it out for you.

by tilde01 27 Nov 2011

Thanks for letting us know of the problems with this stabilizer. I promise not to get any. Don't need any headaches with stabilizers not to I need to waste money on bad. Again Thank you everyone for your input.

by dlonnahawkins 27 Nov 2011

I think I am in the group that hates the stuff - I may have a little bit in there, but don't use it. I got suckered into getting some because I was told this was how to do towels - WRONG!

by jasanne 27 Nov 2011

The stuff that is supposed to disappear when you iron it? I say supposed, because I couldn't get it to melt away. I don't think my iron got hot enough - tried Mum's iron and it was a bit better, but I am sure I was going to scorch the lace before it was going to melt away properly. Never tried it again.

by meganne 27 Nov 2011

OH DEAR. I bought some of this stuff and I hated it, you need to have the iron fairly hot, no steam and do it it sections holding the iron on for a count of 30. At least that is how I ended up doing it, but it left horrible residue all over my iron that I then had to scrub off.
If I used it again, I think I would try putting an old cloth sheet between the iron and the stabiliser.

GOOD LUCK! Let us know how you go.
hugs n roses, Meganne

janetedna by janetedna 27 Nov 2011

I've got a whole roll! I ran out of vilene w.s.s and thought this would do instead. I need ideas now on what I can use it for. Jan

meganne by meganne 27 Nov 2011

I thought I was buying Iron ON stabiliser and when it arrived it was iron OFF.
I was not at all happy about it but postage was too expensive to return it.