by wp1012 21 Nov 2011

How often does emblibrary give out coupon codes? And do they ever send gift certificates out also? I thought I seen someone say that at the end of last week. I did not get one. Today every dollar counts especially as much as some designs costs.


by sewfrenzie 19 Jun 2012

Also if you have unique time saving tips, etc that have to do with embroidery, you can submit them and possibly be selected to receive a $5 gift certificate if they use your tip. Keep in mind that it may take a month or two before your tip is used. Seversal of the cutes here have won gift certificates and some several times, lol!

by oigelcox 19 Jun 2012

Emblibrary usually sends out E-mails to newsletter subscribers with discount codes. They usually come out once or twice a month usually on a friday for weekend discounts. Hugs joyce

by Menahin 19 Jun 2012

Yes indeed every thing count. I recently got unexpected discount on these <a href="";>emboidery</a> items.

by sukicorky 23 Nov 2011

Emblibrary has a special every Friday morning, so watch your e-mails "Cuties". Their designs are the greatest. Never had any problem. Their service is teriffic.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving my friends.
Hugs and blessings, Rachel

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wp1012 by wp1012 24 Nov 2011

What kind of special do they have on Friday? I do not remember ever seeing anything.

by cj2sew 23 Nov 2011

The more you buy the more you get. I am a design collector - I'm addicted sorry to say. I seem to buy 3 or 4 of the weekly designs for the $1.25 or so and I get one or two coupons a month. They have such beautiful designs. Many are on the dense side but, I have a program to reduce the density.

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wp1012 by wp1012 24 Nov 2011

Within the past month I have spent $100.00 on designs. Some were on sale. And others were regular price. I needed those for Xmas presents. Will have to watch out more.

by sewmom 23 Nov 2011

I just got a $10 birthday coupon code to use during my birthday month. I also had the option of a % discount instead. I am on their mailing list but I don't remember how I got on their birthday list. It's probably somewhere on their site.

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wp1012 by wp1012 23 Nov 2011

I am on the list. Just did not get this one. Well maybe next time.

by clawton 23 Nov 2011

I use the site frequently and love the designs. Hopefully you are on their mailing list. they do give birthday certificates. To get the 4 free you had to use one of the special offerings.

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wp1012 by wp1012 23 Nov 2011

I have bought probably 10 times already this month.

by lulu07 22 Nov 2011

I love the service and all the designs from Emblibrary....very satisfied with them!!

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wp1012 by wp1012 22 Nov 2011

I ordered a couple today. And they stitched out perfect.

by darmoola 22 Nov 2011

I'm pretty new to the site and can't say anything negative! I've purchased some of their weekly $1 special designs and so far I have a ton of freebies. I got the $10 coupon and last month a discount of 40% off one and when I purchased my 1 design I got another coupon for 4 free. So far I'm 100% SATISIFIED.

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wp1012 by wp1012 22 Nov 2011

I purchased last month also but did not get the code for the 4 free designs.

by lindalee757 22 Nov 2011

I don't know how often they go out but I just used my happy hour discount coupon-like I need any more designs lol-

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wp1012 by wp1012 22 Nov 2011

Thanks. I will keep watching out.

by michemb 22 Nov 2011

I have a large wishlist at emb. lib and always wait until they have some kind of sale which I think is fairly often. They have terrific designs, have stitched out many and only once did I have a problem (minor)with a design. I think they are one of the best embroidery sites out there. Make sure you are registered on their

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wp1012 by wp1012 22 Nov 2011

I also have a huge wishlist. I wish I would have had that coupon last week. But I am registered now. Thanks.

by lilylady 22 Nov 2011

most of their coupons are given at random. They have Happy Hour once a month, it is also random. Your get the coupons in a e-mail. Are you registered on their web site? If someone needs and idea for you a xmas present, they can get you a gift certiticate to emblibrary, this is my favorite

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wp1012 by wp1012 22 Nov 2011

I usually got them. But this one I missed. Yes, I always ask for a gift certificate. Even for my anniversary. Maybe I will catch the next big sale.

by babie 22 Nov 2011

Last week I have mentioned that for one or other reason I no longer get Emblibrary's e-mails. When I read on cute of the happy hour coupon which I obviously never got I wrote to Debra and what a good service. They came back to me indicating that they can see on their side my e-mail address is bouncing. They said they will re-load same in there database and what is even more they gave me a coupon code for missing the happy hour code. Now that is wonderful service and one of the reasons I love to shop there. I need to also say that I've never so far had any bad experience from any of the digitizers that I normally buy from and I've also lost a few designs in my time that was replaced, also ordered the wrong format and they helped me out. Only comment from my side - the digitizers out there - you are great.

wp1012 by wp1012 22 Nov 2011

I wonder how they can tell it is just bouncing around. I had no idea they could do that. Interesting. I will watch out from now on. Read more of cute especially on the weekends. Happy Hour or NOT. And then make a call for myself if I do not get it next time. Thank you for the info.

babie by babie 22 Nov 2011

Apparently the e-mails send to me came back as undeliverable as the address does not "exist" according to the system - but it does. So they are going to manually load it. So it must be something technical. I have however qualified for the happy hour as I spend most of my monthly allowance on this site. What I normally do is put whatever I want on a Wednesday in my wishlist and then make the purchases over the weekends and then the benefit of the Friday specials can also be utilized. I noted that I did not receive the e-mails but it did not really bother me that much until I realized that I am going to loose out on Happy hour specials in future. Hopefully it will be resolved now.

by mranderson 22 Nov 2011

On friday I received a 10 dollar certificate for a special Happy Hour as we are approaching Thanksgiving (which we do not celebrate here in Oz) and Christmas. It was in appreciation for supporting their business. I do buy quite a lot of their designs as I am a designaholic. Heeheeehee. I usually wait for their sales or Happy Hour. Marg

kttyhwk4 by kttyhwk4 22 Nov 2011

I got it and used it, yes I'm a designaholic too.

ansalu by ansalu 22 Nov 2011

Me too :o)
The week before they had that offer with 40% and 4 free designs of your choice. I always take the free designs to get those designs that I never mabe never stitch (cause they are too big) but have to have ;-)

ansalu by ansalu 22 Nov 2011

Where is my editbutton???
Should be: Those designs that I maybe never stitch cause they are too big ( like midnight-dream: Lot of stitches and colors; I would need 2 days just sitting in front of my machine...).
Greetings, Bettina

wp1012 by wp1012 22 Nov 2011

Ya'll were the lucky ones this past weekend. I hope and pray I will have one coming the next time this sale comes my way. I really need more designs for Christmas gifts. Thank you.

by bevintex 21 Nov 2011

If you order something from the month before then you get an invitation to happy hour ,because I bought nothing last month I also received no certificate. They do give out a 10 dollar certificate on your birthday. be sure you are registered on the site. It does seem some sites are cutting corners and there aren't as many freebies as there used to be.

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wp1012 by wp1012 22 Nov 2011

I am registered. Thanks cuties.