by fannyfurkin 11 Nov 2011

This is my first attempt at fancy quilting. I decided to start small with this little table topper. It is not perfect but I am quite proud of it.


by castelyn 14 Nov 2011

Alice this is lovely. Well done Hugs Yvonne

by pennifold 13 Nov 2011

Morning Alice, what a great table topper. I can see this in many different colour combiinations. You've done a great job for your first! Love and blessings Chris

by airyfairy 13 Nov 2011

You have every right to be proud Alice. It looks lovely.

by robinbird 12 Nov 2011

What a lovely table runner you've done& these colors work well too.Wondered did you machine quilt it? Thanks for sharing your work.:~D

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fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 12 Nov 2011

I did the stippling on my pr1000, in the 300 x 200 hoop.

by justonlyme 12 Nov 2011

You are your own worst critic. I think it looks great. I do a lot of quilting and teach sewing and quilting as well. Yours would get an A. :) Good job!! Nice color choices too. You've balanced it beautifully.

by cj2sew 12 Nov 2011

Love the colors. Good job

by teun 12 Nov 2011

Das kannst du auch sein,sieht toll aus

by clawton 12 Nov 2011

Looks great

by devon 12 Nov 2011

great job

by tippi 12 Nov 2011

Beautiful. I love the red, white and blue also the way you quilted it with stars. Great job.

by queenofhearts 12 Nov 2011

Very nice, did you have a pattern?

by lulu07 12 Nov 2011

Looks good.

by sboo 12 Nov 2011

Looks very pretty. You should be Proud

by rmj8939 12 Nov 2011

Proud you should be, this is really nice.

by greysewist Moderator 12 Nov 2011

I'm sure I'd be more than impressed if I'd made that, Alice. It looks great and nice and bright colours, too.

by nonna57 12 Nov 2011

Alice this is stunning. You have done a beautiful job. I love this design, So want to make one but alas too much to do at the moment for customers. Mabey one day :)

by mysew1325 11 Nov 2011

that is very nice.. you did a great job.

by lidiad 11 Nov 2011

It's beautiful! Love it!

by oaro 11 Nov 2011

You should be proud looks beautiful.Maria

by lyns 11 Nov 2011

I think it is lovely. xx

by mi30kaja 11 Nov 2011

I thing it is great.

by gayle950 11 Nov 2011

Very pretty, I am making this pattern for our christmas exchange gift.

by shirlener88 11 Nov 2011

Alice, it looks wonderful - great job.

by noah 11 Nov 2011

Way to go we all half to start somewhere ,sometimes hugs carolyn

by shuede 11 Nov 2011

Very pretty!

by sewfrenzie 11 Nov 2011

You did a lovely job! You should be proud of your work. We are our own worst critiques. We see our flaws when no one else can, unless we point them out. I am guilty of this all the time, lol! I make something and then don't think its good enough to give to someone. No one else sees the flaws I do. So I have had to learn to let it go, so to speak, lol!

by capoodle 11 Nov 2011

Looks really nice. You got good results on your first try.