by cj2sew 06 Nov 2011

Check out this Video

It is of a super fast free-motion embroidery guy that sews "like a hurricane".


by meganne 10 Nov 2011

WOW! How amazing is he! I can't even free motion my darning evenly.
I notice he is using the best machine in the world, a JUKI! Elna Xquisite machines and Bernina Sergers are made by Juki.

by theduchess 10 Nov 2011

Wonderful! how he did the piping is so fast..

by lflanders 07 Nov 2011

Totally amazing! I would love to sit and watch him for few days just to see if everything always runs that smoothly and try to get a few pointers from an expert! I have sewn through my thunb, nail and all with a high speed comercial unit many yrs ago. It happened so fast that I did not even feel any pain when it happened. It was very sore/tender for about a week. When asked if I needed to go the Emergency Room, I told them no!!! I did not want any other needles sticking in me!!!!!!!! I was not much more than a teeneger when it happened and I have been more than careful all these yrs since! Me and a few more were visiting a shirt factory in Swainsboro, Ga. I thought I would be fine since I had been sewing for so many yrs(even then). My Dad's Mom (granny) was a self taught seemtress and I learned everything I know about sewing from her. She started me off when I was 14 or 15(maybe younger) and I have had a love for all of the crafts she taught me since then. In fact, I learned how to cook from her also although I will never be as good as she was with any of the crafts she taught me! She was a tiny little thing with a God given talent to do any kinds of crafts and everything she tried came out perfect! Even after I got married, I would call my granny when I needed any kind of instructions..sewing, embroidery, braided wool rugs, and even cooking. One thing she nor my lifetime best friend could ever teach me was to crochet. They decided I was a hopelees cause! I will be 65 in Dec and I still do not know how!

by cutegirl 07 Nov 2011


by blueeyedblonde 07 Nov 2011

WHEW! I sat staring with mouth open! He is good!! Fascinating to watch. The new Janome Horizon 12000 has the knee lifter that changes the width of your zigzag like that.
Definitely worth watching! Thanks.

by susiesembroidery 07 Nov 2011

Definately a very handy man to have around in the sewing room!!!!LOL WOW!!Thanks for sharing. I can only dream to be embroidering at that speed. Have a nice day.***

by bevintex 07 Nov 2011

Manuel is the one who makes the suits for country music entertainers. They say he even dressed Elvis. Here is some interesting info on the man if you would like to know more

cj2sew by cj2sew 07 Nov 2011

Thanks I went to the site and looked at some of his custom work. "Drop jaw gorgeous". Check out the Inventory - Women's Suits on the last jacket $3,500.

cj2sew by cj2sew 07 Nov 2011

I also noticed he has a design internship available.

by oaro 07 Nov 2011

To fast for me it is scary.Maria

by zoefzoef 07 Nov 2011

Yep, when I see this... I'm definitive a beginner...

by babsie 07 Nov 2011

Very impressive!! He's great and fast!

by debswebster 07 Nov 2011


by hyfibutt 07 Nov 2011


by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Nov 2011

That is scary. I think my fingers would not be save. He is awfully close to the needle. Very impressive.

by mops Moderator 07 Nov 2011

Wow, he has certainly done that before!! Must have taken years of practice. I love the knee handle to vary the width, but boy, what speed.

by nanabs 07 Nov 2011

Wow thats done with a juki industrial machine. They sew so fast I'd never want to use one. Sold them at a shop I workes at and they wanted me to put zippers in car hart coveralls. NO WAY!!!. That is one machine that intimadated me. LOL This guy is great and brave..

by mary51 07 Nov 2011

What a precision!!!

by sdrise 07 Nov 2011

Wow! How talented! Suzanne

by janetedna 07 Nov 2011

I just don't use my machines to the full. I've got a knee control and must try what he did - slowly!

by lindalee757 07 Nov 2011

facinating to watch-makes you want to give it a go-but tell me..was I the only one cringing just a little at seeing his fingertips that close to the needle with no foot at that fast speed lol.

by gerryvb 07 Nov 2011

very impressive!! he's great!

by jacquipaul 07 Nov 2011

Thank you; wow!
Jacqueline †

by aussiequilter 07 Nov 2011

my goodness thats quick

by shirlener88 07 Nov 2011

WOW, I have never seen anything like that - I was so worried about his fingers. Hehehe!

susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 07 Nov 2011

So was I, Kept holding my breath, just in case the needle went thru his finger!!**

Whodunit by Whodunit 07 Nov 2011

Not to worry, they'd never have shown us that part of the

by greysewist Moderator 07 Nov 2011

I have a friend who lives near and does freemotion embroidery. Not that fast though, I don't think!
Her work is amazing She does that as a change/relief from sewing dog collars etc that we both do :)

by pennifold 07 Nov 2011

I love the speed of that JUKI machine. I know Meg swears by them. It must have taken years of practice to be so quick. Love and blessings Chris

by lyns 07 Nov 2011

wow. he was so amazing. I wish I could do that. xx

by airyfairy 07 Nov 2011

That's what I call talent. Amazing. Thank you for sharing.

by mranderson 07 Nov 2011


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ansalu by ansalu 07 Nov 2011

Marg you have a new pic! Really need a minute to identify you ;o)
Greetings, Bettina

by mysew1325 06 Nov 2011

Just watching this video is scary.. he is amazing..

by lindaavolio 06 Nov 2011

WOW...there is no doubt in my mind...that if I were to try to hand machine embroider...I would end up in the hospital within 5 minutes...hehehe

This man is amazing !

by maobfh 06 Nov 2011

Thanks so much! They're great!

by chenille 06 Nov 2011

That must take a LOT of practice!!

by jayce 06 Nov 2011

Wow that is amazing,

by lulu07 06 Nov 2011


by michemb 06 Nov 2011

This guy is truly an artist. wow impressive