by janetedna 06 Nov 2011

Have just discovered a time-saver. (At least to me) When changing thread for the next stage, my machine shows the lift foot diagram. If I was using the same thread for the next stage the diagram came on screen, I lifted the foot and put it down again and pressed start. I don't need to, just press start and continue,ignoring diagram.


by cfidl 06 Nov 2011

cool! Thanks for sharing! Live Laugh Download Stitch!

by mysugarfootswife 06 Nov 2011

Do it all the time. Did take me a while to figure it out.

by caroldann 06 Nov 2011

I can do that with my machine and it does save time. A lot of times I change the color sequence and it just keeps on sewing. Don't you just love the technology of these machine? Hugs...Carol

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janetedna by janetedna 06 Nov 2011

I do indeed. I've never not done what my machine told me before but I'm glad I did this morning. Jan