by nama2 02 Nov 2011

I have a hard time on emb-library site, only because I can't get off the home page to get to the design by category page. What do I click on? I've tried everything, but the right thing. HELP


by shirlener88 02 Nov 2011

When you are on the HOME page - you will see a dark blue banner across the top of the page - click on the FLOWER OF THE MONTH tab - it will take you directly to it or on the right side of that HOME page - you will also see a square that has a flower and says FLOWER OF THE MONTH - just click it and it will take you directly to it. I hope this helps.

nama2 by nama2 02 Nov 2011

But sometimes flower of the month is not on my browser-I've tried the suggestions given-guess I will have to keep trying-it should be easy, right? thanks for the input

pasister by pasister 02 Nov 2011

is your browser size enlarged so much that you are not seeing all the tabs along the top of the home page? You should see all the tabs including the FLower of the month. Check the lower right corner above the menu bar to see what size your window is. I have mine at 150% and can find them all with no trouble. Are you signed in? Good luck, this is a wonderful site!

pasister by pasister 02 Nov 2011

sorry, I have mine set at 150% and have no problem. Are you signed in? This is a wonderful site, good luck!

by sdrise 02 Nov 2011

Hi there are blue tabs up the top to get to different places and a catagory list on the side with all the different catagory pages. Just click on the catagory you want and it will take you there. Hope this helps. Great desgins and great service. Suzanne

by tilde01 02 Nov 2011

There is no one page for design by category. On the left hand side is the Designs by Category, just click on the category that you are interested in and it'll take you to another page with all of those designs shown, then just click on what interest you. Are at the top, you can click on the different tabs to see the sales, free designs, etc.

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nama2 by nama2 02 Nov 2011

I have tried that-thanks-I still don't get the page with the designs by category-I want to order the flower of the month. I don't know how else to explain it, I have a hard time getting there-I get it sometimes but not other times.