by dlmds 30 Oct 2011

I saw awhile back someone ask when the Emblibrary Christmas Club would begin. I e-mailed them and ask the question. I am sorry to tell you that Deb replied to say it only happens every 2 will be 2012. H&*


by babie 31 Oct 2011

Thank you it is good to know. Any how there is such good specials that my budget can never keep it up.

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dlmds by dlmds 31 Oct 2011

They do have many good specials all year long. H&*

by katydid 30 Oct 2011

I wondered what had happened to it. So glad that you asked. Now i have all those designs in my wish list, I will just wait for the best deal!!!

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dlmds by dlmds 31 Oct 2011

Guess, they have us spoiled. The Christmas Club is a fun side of Emblibrary. H&*

by michemb 30 Oct 2011

Thanks I am the one that asked the question, I also sent them an e-mail but got no reply. Dissapointed but I guess I have to wait until next year.
Thanks for the info

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dlmds by dlmds 31 Oct 2011

I thought it was every year...oh well, guess it gives me something to look forward to. H&*

by spoolies 30 Oct 2011

Oh no! I was waiting for the email to arrive in my box. Big disapointment!!!

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dlmds by dlmds 31 Oct 2011

I was also disappointed. H&*