by Simplesewer1 28 Oct 2011

Can someone make a door sign that says something like if you smoke leave your butts out here or something like it with a cigarette on it I need one for my house Im no smoker have trouble breathing and every other week someone will be in the house and light up and I have to deal with the hole smoke smell for ever .


by meganne 29 Oct 2011

Here is a link to a free No Smoking design

by meganne 29 Oct 2011

In Australia we just contact the Quit for Life program and they will send out a non-smoking kit with lots of stick-on, no smoking signs.

When Ray and I both finally quit smoking, our home became a NON-smoking zone and I haven't had to ask anyone to Butt Out, since.

If it is your home, it is your rules and NO-ONE should light up without first having the courtesy to ask if they can, you need to be strong enough to say NO! Not 'sorry, no' just NO!

Just MHO and not worth much to anyone but me. :-)
Hugs and roses, Meganne

by edithfarminer 29 Oct 2011

We both can not take smoke and I detest it. Luckily most ask can they smoke and I have now learned to say, sorry but we object as we can not take the smoke and they go outside to have a puff.
To not ask is extremely rude and shows no consideration for other people. good idea to make a sign. Good luck!

by greysewist Moderator 29 Oct 2011

PM for you, bobnlynn.

by killiecrankie 29 Oct 2011

How inconsiderate ,no one would even think of lighting up in our house ,they just disappear outside . Its bad enough when their clothes stink of smoke.My husband has been made to take off his clothes as soon as he got inside the door because they stink of smoke from where he has been.
I hate it when your outside minding your own business & someone comes up near you smoking causing you to cough or choke on their fumes.

by katydid 28 Oct 2011

Proud for you. I quit many years ago. Now the red wine?

by sdrise 28 Oct 2011

Thank You! Suzanne

by sewmom 28 Oct 2011

There's a no smoking sign here.

by jofrog2000 28 Oct 2011

I like--"If I see you smoke, you'd best be on fire.

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Simplesewer1 by Simplesewer1 07 Jan 2013


by theduchess 28 Oct 2011

I made a frog design(facing out)Says:
Please Don't Smoke
I Might Croak

I put it in my entry table.

edithfarminer by edithfarminer 29 Oct 2011

Like this one lol

Simplesewer1 by Simplesewer1 07 Jan 2013

Thats a good One!!

by leenova54 28 Oct 2011

I don't know of any but good luck. I quit 17 years ago, I have asthma, had lung cancer 2 years ago and still have more going on so I know how you feel but everyone knows that in my house there will be no smoking.

by vickiannette 28 Oct 2011

I made one that says "smokin's a No No' with the red circle with the slash on it. On black felt. Glued a magnet on the back with craft glue. I'll attempt to put it on the Projects for you. Got the red circle from Designs by Cuties.

by crazygranny 28 Oct 2011

My husband was on oxgen and I don't smoke so I made a embroidery sign that said Please do not smoke .and place it on my front door so you had to see it when you came in . and If someone light up I would ask them if they seen the sign when they came in and please take their cigarette out side .

by lindalee757 28 Oct 2011

Gosh, just type up a sign,print it off,laminate it and put it at the door. I am curious though-do you have ashtrays around the house that smokers view as an ok? I'm an ex-smoker(DH & I both quit 13 yrs ago). I wouldn't have dreamed of lighting up in someone elses home if they didn't say it was ok.

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lindalee757 by lindalee757 28 Oct 2011

oh yeah-forget to say-as an ex-smoker-I have become a real pain in the "butt"-the smell drives me gives me headaches.When a customer that smokes drops off sewing for me I sometimes have to leave it out on the porch to air it out before I work on it =O(

by sewfrenzie 28 Oct 2011

Make a sign that says "If I see smoke coming from you I will asume you on fire and take appropreiate action." That should send the message. Than put a fire extinghisher under it, lol! :D
Coming from a non smoker who had a no smoking sign in her car as a teen because friends thought they could just light up whenever they got the urge. Several asked if my sign ws serious, my answer was of course or it wouldn't be there!!

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lindalee757 by lindalee757 28 Oct 2011

LOL-I love that-that would make a great sign!

by capoodle 28 Oct 2011

We are non-smokers and after being told I had asthma decided to tell people, "I'm not telling you can't smoke but just not in the house," Then I tell them there is a place on the porch if they need to smoke. I've never had a problem with this saying and visitors have been very respective and usually even go outside. I hope someone can find or make you a signs/door hangers.

capoodle by capoodle 28 Oct 2011

Here are some No-Smoking links and maybe someone can find a blank door hanger design.

mops by mops 29 Oct 2011

I uploaded a blank doorhanger in YouEmbroidery quite some time ago.

by fannyfurkin 28 Oct 2011

That is just to rude for words. I am a smoker and I don't even smoke in my own home. I would not dream of lighting up in someone else's home. I really don't think you even need to be polite when telling them to go outside. Good heavens I just can't believe that someone would be so rude.

by jussyc 28 Oct 2011

Personally I think its very rude to light up in a non smokers home. If your embarressed to tell them to not smoke in your home, stand next to them with air freshener every time they smoke. Im sure this will get the message across. :) *

by lenamae 28 Oct 2011

Just politely tell them not to smoke I have trouble breathing and I can say no to smoking. just get you get a no smoking sign and put it on the front door My friend can not be around smoke she can not breath and she has a no smoking oxygen in use sign on her door

by marcellelewis 28 Oct 2011

How inconsiderate of some visitors. You need a no-smoking sign at every entrance. The smoke even gets into your drapes and settles on everything.

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lindalee757 by lindalee757 28 Oct 2011

omgosh marcelle-it gets into everything-included books and papers. My dog groomer said she even smells it on peoples dogs & cats when they bring them in for grooming!