by ullis 10 Oct 2011

When I click on today's free letter on My Garden Embroidery Store and add it in the basket says my antivirus (Norton) that it has been attacked (web attack malicious image Resque 2) Is anyone else having the same problem? There have been so in few days.


by manami 12 Oct 2011

Dear Cuties,
I'm pleased to report that no virus was found in my website. My technical support, from my hosting, scanned all files and nothing was detected. If you find the problem again, please contact me with the details through my website.
Thank you for your understanding and support.
Love and hugs,

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designcrazy by designcrazy 12 Oct 2011

I thought I would give it another try this morning and had the same problem. Norton antivirus blocked another intrusion attack by your site. I've missed W & X for fear of attacks. Got the Y today, but still an attack blocked.

by debswebster 11 Oct 2011

Oh dear, I have always had a hit and miss situation getting into My Gardened but actually managed to get in today. I do not have Norton either, I hope we will be fine. Not sure what these darn viruses get up to though, I wonder how one knows when you've got one. :(

by ullis 11 Oct 2011

Was today on Yoriko page and download the letter X with no problems. No Attacks blocked today , seems to be solved

by designcrazy 10 Oct 2011

Yes, I've also had attacks blocked by Norton on the same site. I am afraid to go back to finish out the guitar alpha. Better safe than sorry!

by lindalee757 10 Oct 2011

it's actually been going on for about 3 or 4 days now-I thought it was just me but apparently others have had the issue too.I wasn't sure where it coming from, but I am not going to be going back-won't be finishing the guitar alpha now-oh well

by joyce500 10 Oct 2011

My Norton also blocked an attack from her site. Never had any trouble before yesterday.

by justonlyme 10 Oct 2011

I emailed her about it when it first started, so if she is checking her messages right now, then she is aware. But she is probably pretty busy and someone took advantage of that and attacked her site, which is pretty low.

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designcrazy by designcrazy 12 Oct 2011

I had another attack blocked by Norton today. I don't know the e-mail address to let her know. Would have to go back there to get it. I'm affraid to do that. Would you let her know for me or give me her e-mail address? Thanks

by crafter2243 Moderator 10 Oct 2011

I just went there and I can't find the free letter. Maybe she took it off. I hope there is no problem on her site. She doesn't need anymore bad stuff on her plate.

lindalee757 by lindalee757 10 Oct 2011

the free letter is the "W" on the 3rd line

crafter2243 by crafter2243 10 Oct 2011

In my case it says $2.96. You are talking about the guitar font right? It could be because I have a membership on her site, but no alarms went off when I downloaded the W.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 10 Oct 2011

I don't have Norten. My virus protection is Kapersky

by Simplesewer1 10 Oct 2011

Happens to me every day .

by fannyfurkin 10 Oct 2011

Did you let Yoriko know about this? She may have to contact her hosting service to find out if there has been an attack on her site.

by wendymay60 10 Oct 2011

No problems at all

by dlonnahawkins 10 Oct 2011

I had that issue yesterday, and my Norton blocked a serious malware attack it said. I had never had an issue with this previously...but we never know what someone can put onto another site.

by fannyfurkin 10 Oct 2011

I just checked it out and I am not having any problem, I don't use norton antivirus though.