by melnic 07 Oct 2011

What do you suggest? I have 60 cotton serviettes to embroider - what stabilizer would be the most appropriate & cost effective to use. WSS is costly and tear away not so sure of. Has any one tried to do this without stabilizer? Any ideas would be appreciated, I'm using a fairly densed corner design.


by gerryvb 08 Oct 2011

I do the same as Mops and Yvonne , but I use the sticky tear-away and it works fine for me. we will wait for the finished projects. Good luck!

by mops Moderator 08 Oct 2011

I use tear-away in the hoop and do the same Yvonne does.
When I have a lot of them I always use a placement line to make sure all designs are exactly in the same spot n the serviettes without having to spend much time on getting it right.
You could also line up the first one correctly, draw lines along the edge of the napkin (note down if and how much you had to move the design on your machine) and place the next ones along the lines.

by melnic 08 Oct 2011

Wow! Got a lot of possibilities! More testing to be done before I do it. The spray starch sounds great. I got the corner designs from Stitch Delight & they stitched out perfect with medium tear away. Will keep you posted and a big thank you to all.

by justonlyme 07 Oct 2011

Cotton tends to warp without some sort of stabilizer. How about if you got the iron-on leave-in type of stabilizer. It is super cheap, and invisible. I'm talking about the same stuff that quilters use to adhere raw edge applique down, so that the edges do not fray. As long as you do not iron it after it is finished, then it should work well, and be very stable. Good luck with your project.

by jasanne 07 Oct 2011

When I embroidered about that many cotton napkins for my sil's wedding, I starched the napkin well and used a tear-away on the back, nothing on the front. As others have said it does depend on the density and weight of the design.

by debleerl 07 Oct 2011

It depends on the weight of the fabric and the density of the design. I have successfully embroidered colorwork on plain cotton without any stabilizer. Wet the fabric with spray starch or a solution made from scraps of WSS. Let dry and press. The fabric should be fairly stiff but not hard. Hoop and sew. If you are using a dense design do and Yvonne suggests.

by patsy28 07 Oct 2011

I'm too new to make a suggestion but it looks like you got great advice!!!

by noah 07 Oct 2011

I too use tear away but like Yvonne said move it up or down with each new one and you can use the same tear away hugs carolyn

by loosie 07 Oct 2011

I'm doing something similar, I have a round table cloth in cotton, and I had the same question, I think i'll use a tear away on the underside and wws on top, the design isn't to dense so I hope we both have success with our projects.

by castelyn 07 Oct 2011

Hi there,
You could just hoop the tear away and use spray, when done just pull the fabric away and then use a patch of stabilizer over were it has torn away, also using spray. Before doing the next design just ensure that your stabilizer in the hoop is still stiff and in place, do this until the original is well used and then replace and continue.

Best of luck

airyfairy by airyfairy 08 Oct 2011

I would do the same as Yvonne. If it is a small design you can just place the next napkin on a different part of tearaway already in the hoop. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Sarah.

ssampsel by ssampsel 08 Oct 2011

i patch my stabilizer with scraps of sticky stablizer..i also sew scraps together with sewing machine. you can hoop your item without hitting the seam.

by shirlener88 07 Oct 2011

Whose design is it and what do they suggest that you use - when making the serviettes.

Or are you saying - you have bought 60 cotton serviettes and you want to embroidery on them?

If it is that you have the cotton - I would use a heavy tear away - if it will not interfere with the design - when removed. If it will - I would use WSS.

How thick is the cotton - can you could find something of the same weight and do a test stitch? Or can you get one more to try a test on?

by cfidl 07 Oct 2011

I use a patch of tear away sticky on the bottom and at least a light layer of vilene on top. Super solvy would be my choice of topping, however I have not tried them all yet. Hope this venture is profitable for you! christine LLDS!

by michemb 07 Oct 2011

I would not try this without stabilizer especially on cotton. Best bet is wss because then you have a nice clean design. I purchase my WSS in a large bundle (100)
yards and get a really good price (I think ) $80.00.
A friend and I divide it so it is a lot cheaper than if
we bought from a fabric store. Hope your design is not to big (60). GOOD LUCK

by kttyhwk4 07 Oct 2011

I'd use tear away, but I'm no expert by any means. But usually when I'm in doubt I tend to favor tear away. Good luck with your project and have a blessed day. Hugs