by ceramickids 02 Oct 2011

Hello Cuties, I need some help.I use the program PED Basic 1.07 to open my designs that I have in folders. You cuties that use it also. Do you have this problem that I have? when I look inside the folder itself I have 30 designs, then when I open the PED Basic and open that same folder to get a design it only shows me 10. So I can not get to the design that I want, because it doesn't show it threw the program. Has this happen to anyone of you that use this program? And how did you solve it? Cutes would appreciate your help. Thanks!!!!


by buffeebabee 02 Oct 2011

Are you sure all the designs in the folder are in pes format? Download Wilcom Truesizer (free) and open your files. See if they are pes format if not save them as pes and try the ped basic again.

by cfidl 02 Oct 2011

Hi, I have PED basic 1.07. All designs that are acceptable to PED basic are shown in the left box. Those that do not fit your hoop selection are marked with a red hoop with a line through it. I have many that do not show. I take the image into wilcom and try to determine if it is a size problem(size does not match hoop) or if it is corrupted data. I am successful 50% of the time. Also, the browser which you download the files may not be getting it right, It was recommended to me to try firefox!

by ceramickids 02 Oct 2011

All My Files are unzipped. And are put in this folder, and it still shows me only some.. Do you think its because I have to many designs in one folder??

by seamripper40 02 Oct 2011

I have Ped Basic 1.0. If mine are in folders, I have to open The folder at the top of the screen that shows the files not in folders. Than I go to design zip. Click that. It opens folder files. Click the folder you want. Shouldes all folders contents. Hope this helps.

by dlmds 02 Oct 2011

I have Palette which is similar to PED. My designs will not show in the "Design Database" if they are in a Zipped file. I am not sure if this is what your problem is...thought I would suggest this in case it would be helpful for you. H&*

by buffeebabee 02 Oct 2011

Not quite sure what you are asking? There is a box at the top that looks like a white piece of paper with lines on it. When you put the curser on it, it will say icon size. It will let you see big designs with about 9 on the page or small designs with lots on the page so you don't have to scroll down. Hope that helps. Nanc

by christief 02 Oct 2011

I have PED Next, but think that the same applies for you. PED only shows you those designs that 1.Fit in the hoop size you have selected, 2.Work in your version of PED or higher. For example, a PES file designed in PED version 6 can only be read by PED version 6 or higher.

Hope this can be of some help. If you need more help, just PM me.

Christie in Germany

by dailylaundry 02 Oct 2011

Could it be that you don't have your hoop size set at the largest setting at the upper left of the screen? It will only show those designs that meet the hoop size criteria. Hope that helps!! Laura*