by edithfarminer 01 Oct 2011

Cuties, I see sometimes dates on the photos in projects. I would like to do that to some photos I need to send to someone. Have it set on date in my camera and when I put on the computer it goes in a dated file. but when I post to someone it does not seem to have the date on.I open them in Picasso. Can someone please tell me how this might be done.

Thanks in dadvance for any help. Off to bed now, will look in the morning if someone can help. Hugs edith


by sllakin 02 Oct 2011

You can add a date or any text you want to any picture you have on your computer by opening the picture in the "Paint" program on your computer. Once the picture is opened click on the letter "A" on the left of your screen -- no go over to your picture where you want your text to be and "click and drag" a text box where you want it - then another little window will pop up and you can choose the style, size, color of the text you want and just type it in. When finished just click anywhere outside the box and the text is now added. To make the background of the text box invisible so that you background from the picture shows through - notice when you click on the "A" to choose the text box that two little raphics appear at the bottom on the left underneath your tools (The top one click on it and you will have a solid white background to your text box - click on the bottom one and you will have an invisible background on your text box) You just click on the bottom one for invisible text box background and then type your text and then save the picture and the text will be there!

edithfarminer by edithfarminer 02 Oct 2011

Waaaw,thank you sooooo much for your help
Have written it all down and will now go and try to do so
You are a star. Hugs edith

edithfarminer by edithfarminer 02 Oct 2011

thank you sooooo much I have manged to do it. So very grateful. Hugs edith

by edithfarminer 02 Oct 2011

thank you for your answer. I have a CANON - EOS.
So that is a very good camera. I found the date setting on the menu and in the book I see explaining how to try and get a date on when printing(depends on printer and mine does not seem to have that either, is a cheap printer in all fairness), but have found nothing on sending a picture via e-mail, what I need to do.
It does have the date on the file that I have on the computer, but need to get that onto the photo if possible. thanks again for any help. edith

by capoodle 02 Oct 2011

Setting the Date Stamp would depend on the type and model of your camera. There are some camera's that don't have that feature. If you could list the camera name (Cannon, Kodak, Canon, Olympus, Casio etc.) and the model number maybe a cutie could help you better.

by jasanne 01 Oct 2011

On our digital camera there is a setting to print the date in the corner of the photo. Regardless of this the file will remember when it was taken in the photo properties on the computer (according to the date set in your camera)
clear as mud?

by snowbird42 01 Oct 2011

sorry i do not have the answer to your question by my camera just pick a random date and i am stilltrying not with much luck so far to turn the feature off camera must have a life of its own,...soozie