by mysew1325 26 Sep 2011

Has anyone done FSL and put the snips from embroidery thread between the two layers of wss.. I was wondering if this can be done..


by mops Moderator 15 Jan 2016

This question was asked in 2011 - what's the point of adding answers now?

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marianb by marianb 15 Jan 2016

thank you Mops

by raels011 14 Jan 2016

I put snips between WSS and shaped it into a bowl

by lucypiwow 14 Jan 2016


by sandralane 14 Jan 2016

Some very interesting comments and ideas below. I got rid of my snips only a month or so back, am busy saving again now. I should like to give it a go when i have enough again. Thanks for asking the question. Sandra.

by seamssewcreative 14 Jan 2016

Yes, and each piece is unique even if it's the same design. This is a good way to empty a spool or a bobbin that just has a few rounds of thread left. Try just one and see what you get, you'll be amazed. Avis

by jerse 14 Jan 2016

smilingstitches.comhas 3 fsl thread snip designs

by almag 27 Sep 2011

I've kept mine from day one with the intention of making fine fabric to use on a collar and a design on a jacket. I think the finished fabric would look superb as embellishment on denim.
The same technique can be used with knitting yarn threads and even small leftover patchwork pieces.

by mjdg 27 Sep 2011

OK - now I'm upset with myself.....I've been throwing them away!

What great ideas I've read here!

by lbrow 27 Sep 2011

I have already answered you but wanted to add something. Joy designs by Ellen Mason, use to have several free designs to use snips with, Angels teddy beats, picture frame ornaments etc. Do not know if she still has this or what her URL is is now. One thing I learned, Angels, teddys, etc. looked better with 1 color. examp. an angel I would do in like varigated blues & add some extra snips of silver or gold to make them sparkle. No varigated just use different shades of a specific color, add some sparkle. There's another way you can do this but must rest a while now./Lillian

by lbrow 27 Sep 2011

I thank shirlene for findig the pic for you. The turkey was a freebie from Georgia on Snagger stitches 2 or 3 yrs ago. I use 2 layers of WSS in hoop. Run outline - place snips - cover with 1 layer of WSS that I tape down over the snips then embroidery away. after remove from hoop , cut excess WSS away then dip in warm water till WSS is gone. It will dry stiff./LIllian

by blueeyedblonde 27 Sep 2011

Interesting answers - have to try a bit.

by airyfairy 27 Sep 2011

It would be wonderful to find a way to use up snips. I store mine in a glass.

leenova54 by leenova54 27 Sep 2011

Sarah, it looks so pretty sitting there!

sewdeb by sewdeb 27 Sep 2011

What a pretty way to store your snippets! Love it!

ssampsel by ssampsel 27 Sep 2011

mine are in a goldfish bowl.

by cfidl 27 Sep 2011

I was just thinking today about using felting wool in this type project. I was wondering what type of design would be bet. It would have to open enough to see the threads and have a good outline stitch. Are there any other important criteria? I have heard of angelina fiber which they now have in sheets. LLDS! christine

by shirlener88 27 Sep 2011

Turkey Coaster - snip threads - the turkey was done by Miss Lillian - who is feeling well right now - but this is her picture from projects. the design is from Snaggers Stitches.

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sewdeb by sewdeb 27 Sep 2011

These are wonderful! Thanks for finding the picture Shirlene!

by justonlyme 26 Sep 2011

One of my very first designs I stitched with my new embroidery machine was an experiment with this idea. I had a tub of thread ends and pieces that I couldn't see going to waste. So I used two pieces of organza and stitched a design around it, and then made coasters out of the designs. It worked very well, and almost had a stained glass look to it. Experiment. I think you'll find your own "techniques" that you love, and that you invented yourself!! As long as what you put in the middle is sandwiched somehow so it doesn't fall in to the machine as you are stitching, then the possibilities are endless. I"m thinking of making coasters with hole punches of mylar inside (like confetti) with organza or tulle to hold it all together. You are limited only by your imagination and your supplies.

by moyed 26 Sep 2011

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 29 Sep 2011

Look under Fadentechnik on klingersabine

by noah 26 Sep 2011

i tryed last christmas with a few bells some were not so great as the design i used was to open it needs to be a tight design i to have another bag full lol hugs carolyn

by meganne 26 Sep 2011

Someone did a turkey and showed it in projects, it turned out so good I've been collecting my snips ever since. Now, I just need to find something to make. :-)

I tried to locate it for you but couldn't. Perhaps the Cutie who made it will see this and upload a pic here for you to see.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

gerryb by gerryb 26 Sep 2011

I think it was Lillian in Ala. But not sure.

gerryb by gerryb 26 Sep 2011

That's lbrow. But don't know how you can find her things in projects.

meganne by meganne 26 Sep 2011

Thanks Gerry. Lillian isn't too well right now so we'll just need to wait a while until she is on top again. HNR, M

shirlener88 by shirlener88 27 Sep 2011

Lillian, shared one - as was stated - she isn't well right now - I will see if I can find the picture and place it here.

by dino 26 Sep 2011

I have done this, but you have to have lots of thread snips and then stipple, or meander stitch all over it so that when the WSS is washed away there will be stitching to hold the thread snips. I did it, then dried it over an upside down bowl and made a FSL bowl.The edge then I cut in a scalloped design. Give it a try, the results are interesting.

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lyns by lyns 26 Sep 2011

wow, I love this idea. Have to try it. Thank you for sharing. xx

by leenova54 26 Sep 2011

Interesting question, I don't see any reason that it wouldn't work. Give it a try on a small design.