by nanabs 26 Sep 2011

Just wondering if the site has been updated before, how long ago and how long it took. I just checked and my first membership started in 2009, and don't remember an update since then unless I missed it or it was shorter. Still trying to be patient here.


by ansalu 26 Sep 2011

The last update was in november 2010. Cute was down for about 3 days (complete closed) and we had a rescue in YOU-embroidery (that's why nearly every cutie has an account there ;o). After the 3 days everything was working like before and Miss Veroika put an additional month for those with a paid membership.
Wondering why it needs 3 weeks this time cause it is not the first update to this new webpage-design (at Amazing and adorableApplique were the same change). Think they better leave the tabs and functions in the community-part the way they were. Never change a winning team :o)
Greetings, Bettina

clawton by clawton 26 Sep 2011

I agree. I liked the way the separate links were. It was easy to navigate. This way all of the designs are together and they aren't labeled as to whether they are cross stitch, applique or fsl. I hope we don't lose those type of designs since she has other sites for them. They are really the same tpye/style of designs she had here.

clawton by clawton 26 Sep 2011

PS all of the changes in the past have really been an improvement. So I hope when all is done we see the same quality.

by justonlyme 26 Sep 2011

I don't have an answer for you but sure know what you mean. I just got my first membership, and am finding page after page of blankness. Are there supposed to be more designs than are being shown?? I'm starting to wonder if the designs will be missing till after my membership has expired.