by nanabs 24 Sep 2011

OK so I'm sure we are all tired of searching thru all the patterns just to find some we want. Still being patient here though but getting bored LOL so here is a question for all cuties just for fun. When I was young I hated Vegtable soup and oyster stew. When I got married I learned to make Vegtable soup and I love it now. Everyone says it is so good so I make a huge pot to share. Now to the question.

What food did (if any) did you dislike when you were young but love now? And it there one you hated you still hate.

As far as oyster stew I still can't stand it. LOL


by cutegirl 27 Sep 2011


by justonlyme 27 Sep 2011

Butter. I didn't like it as a kid, and still do not. I cannot stand the way fatty foods leave that oil slick in my mouth. I fully understand why the Environmental Protection Agency freaks out with oil spills. :)
I didn't care much for meat growing up. My folks always made veggies and bread available at meals, so I was happy. I've learned to love dark meat chicken, but the white meat is much to dry to choke down. Oh, and white sauce and gravy; never have learned to like those. Otherwise, I'll eat just about anything. Broccoli, brussel sprouts, beans,okra, is all good!

by cj2sew 26 Sep 2011

Never liked boiled asparagus, do like it fried. Never liked tripe because of the smell. Never liked pickled pigs feet but, do now. We ate just about everything growing up. Most everything was down home, poverty cooking. We call it soul food today. This was a good question

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justonlyme by justonlyme 27 Sep 2011

You should try asparagus as a substitute for avocado in a guacamole dip. Very tasty! That is, if you like guacamole to start with. :)

by tracypullen 26 Sep 2011

Large Lima Beans and Pig Brains with Scrambled Eggs. We didn't have a lot growning up and there are so many of us (8 girls, 2 boys) that we had to eat or go hungry. I was VERY skinny as a child. I cried through a many of dinners. I cook the Large Limas for my DH and DS but I make me something else. I do like cabbage now but it can't be cooked to death.

by starlizard 26 Sep 2011

I was raised in rural Georgia on a farm. My grandmother had a big garden every summer. There wasn't much that I was picky about... I'd even eat the fried eggplant. Now, I live in Canada and have a husband that insists on buying pickled herring... can I say, "YUCK!"? I don't even like looking at it in the jar!

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nanabs by nanabs 26 Sep 2011

We raised a big garden when I was young and I ate a lot of eggplant that we raised. Don't eat it now but have a sister who still buys and eats it. Used to eat the meat off pickled pigs feet but can't now. Yuck on it and pickled herring.

by mysugarfootswife 26 Sep 2011

Still hate liver. UCK. Also hated cheese until I was about 40. Still don't pick up a piece and eat it like most people. But will cook with it now.

starlizard by starlizard 26 Sep 2011

I love liver and onions... sometimes I crave liver. I told my doc about it and he looked at my blood work and sure enough, I had low iron. He told me when I have those cravings, to feed them what I'm craving.

nanabs by nanabs 26 Sep 2011

Love liver and onions. think I'll get some next trip at the store. Sounds so good. Even my kids love it.

nama2 by nama2 26 Sep 2011

One of our favs-try it with bacon also.

by asterixsew Moderator 26 Sep 2011

Great reading here - thanks to all for your comments

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nanabs by nanabs 26 Sep 2011

I agree. Really have enjoyed reading it all

by dilceia 25 Sep 2011

I hated fish ... Today, I love!
A big hug!!

by crafter2243 Moderator 25 Sep 2011

I can't remember not liking anything as a child. It is either because I was happy when there was something to eat or too long ago and my memories are failing . Now I don't like oysters at all and my husband made me try lamb brain. Yukky.

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nanabs by nanabs 25 Sep 2011

Oh my Lamb may be ok but BRAINS? I don't think so. When I was growing up my best friend always ate cow brain sandwiches. I was there once when her dad put them in a pan to fry then she made a sandwich. UGH I had to go home. LOL *4U

by terriweistra 25 Sep 2011

I hated, and still do, the three "B's" - broccoli, brussels & brinjals!!!! My mom also used to tell us that there were MANY hungry kids and that we were blessed to have food (I understand and agree)and we had to stay at the table til we were finished our food. We had a diningroom table with an extension and my brother and I used to sneak the veggies we didnt like into a packet and put it in the compartment under the extension. We got away with it til my Mum started SMELLING SOMETHING FUNNY and found our stash!!!

jid53 by jid53 26 Sep 2011

What are brinjals?

justonlyme by justonlyme 27 Sep 2011

What a great idea...stashing the yucky food. ;) My husband did something similar. But instead of hiding it, he just slipped his food to the family dog. I don't ink my MIL figured that one out. :)

by mranderson 25 Sep 2011

As a child we lived on a dairy farm and my grandmother lived with us. Mum used to help with the milking of the cows and my gran used to do the cooking. I hated cabbage & cauliflower but was made to eat them. Now I enjoy eating both. Marg

by airyfairy 25 Sep 2011

Having been bought up in London just after the war, I had to eat everything that was put in front of me. I did not like it then and I certainly would never eat it now - rice pudding. Just the thought of it turns my tummy over. Sarah

by basketkase 24 Sep 2011

I hated veggies, especially brocolli and ate meat when I was a I love veggies and don't eat about a switch!!!!

by lehewj1 24 Sep 2011

as a child my mother would make liver and bacon, and I just hated it.... but now I love it... and the iron in it is good for you

airyfairy by airyfairy 25 Sep 2011

My mouth is watering.

ansalu by ansalu 25 Sep 2011

I love liver with apple and onions. This is the "Berlin recipe" for liver and it is so delicious but I'm the only one in the famialy...
Greetings, Bettina

alexgrandma by alexgrandma 26 Sep 2011

Hated it then and still now!!

by emily16838 24 Sep 2011

When I was a child I ate oatmeal but my dad used to say " Its good and it sticks to your ribs" Ick I thought picturing to grey globs hanging off my rib cage.LOL I eat it now.

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nanabs by nanabs 24 Sep 2011


by pennifold 24 Sep 2011

Mushrooms and Spinach - have grown to love Mushrooms, but will never eat a serving of cooked Spinach on a plate. I'll eat it raw in salads and in a quiche - that way I can't taste it!

Won't ever eat any offal - and I hate Oysters too!

Isn't it funny how our taste buds alter as we mature! Love and blessings Chris

nanabs by nanabs 24 Sep 2011

Oh my that looks delishous. Did you make them? Where did you get the receipe? Yummy now I am quite hungry...
Yep our taste buds do change. I never liked soup beans of any kind but love them all now. Wish I could give you tons of flowers for that picture.

i2amanana by i2amanana 24 Sep 2011

this looks good! Receipe?

pennifold by pennifold 24 Sep 2011

Hi Gals, No I didn't make these, but the recipe is below. It's from the internet. Here is Australia I use puff or filo pastry. I believe in America you can use Pillsbury rolled pie crusts. You will need 2 packages as this recipe makes 24 little mini quiches and a bit left over for another small container. Good luck with it. Love and blessings Chris

Spinach Quiche
Makes two quiches or 24 mini plus leftover filling.

1 package Pillsbury rolled pie crusts (2 crusts)
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup low-calorie mayo
2 tbsp. self-rising flour
1 1/4 cups skim milk
1 1/2 cups Swiss cheese, grated
1 large onion, chopped
16 oz. bag frozen chopped spinach, thawed and excess water squeezed off
salt, pepper, crushed red pepper flakes

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Unroll each pie crust, and press each evenly into a glass 9.5-inch pie plate. Set aside.

Mix together the eggs, mayo, flour, milk, cheese, and onion. Add the spinach, and mix well. (Add a little more milk if the consistency is too thick. It should be a little runny.) Add salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper to taste.

Pour half of the mixture into each pie crust. Roll the edges of the pie crust down to the edge of the quiche mixture and press into place. Bake for 45-50 minutes or until lightly browned on top.

(When making the mini quiches use just enough pasty to place in each muffin case and just pour in filling to nearly the top. )

pennifold by pennifold 24 Sep 2011

mini quiches. I'll put the recipe in Personal for you, there isn't enough space to put it now here. Love Chris

meganne by meganne 25 Sep 2011

Man do I love QUICHE! I can almost taste them they look so good.
Where's the tissues, I need to wipe the drool of my keyboard. LOL!!!!

pennifold by pennifold 25 Sep 2011


dilceia by dilceia 25 Sep 2011

kkkkkkkkkkk.... meg!!!!!!!!!!!

by nanabs 24 Sep 2011

Lovin reading all this. Thought it would be fun to see likes and dislikes of cuties. Giving everyone a *

by leenova54 24 Sep 2011

I now like broccoli. My Mom never made many veggies so I thought I wouldn't like any. I eat cauliflower now too and spinach raw or in a cream sauce. I can't stand celery, pick it out of everything. When I was a teen I had eaten a raw carrot then got the flu and have not eaten raw carrots since but will eat them cooked.

by fannyfurkin 24 Sep 2011

I hated macaroni and cheese, and olives, now I love them both, but I don't eat as much macaroni and cheese as I would like because it is so fattening and not much nutritional value.

by beatie58 24 Sep 2011

Only veg I do not like is brussel sprouts, just the smell puts me off....

by noah 24 Sep 2011

We grew up poor so Mom always made canned soup with water .When she got sick with that c disease we had baby sitters who made soup with milk .I was sooooooooooo mad i refused to eat it and had to sit there all day which i did!!Never did eat it and i kept telling her we use water not milk !!!Still like water best lol carolyn

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tracypullen by tracypullen 26 Sep 2011

You mom was being smart, Most canned soup calls for water. I like being poor if thats the case. LOL I can't imagine chicken noodle and milk, yuck. And if you have a fever the milk might turn on your stomach.

by undergroundsue 24 Sep 2011

As a kid I hated rspberries, my grandparents had a truck farm and when they were in season we got the leftovers. Raspberies at every meal was a bit much. It took me 15 years after I left home to actually even try them. they are okay now, not my favorite, but okay.

by scrappinhappie 24 Sep 2011

When I was a kid my grandmother would have me help her cut the okra, it used to stick me and there was no way I was eating that prickly stuff, I LOVE it now fried, guess I had to grow up to realize the stickers washed off, lol

by free3wil 24 Sep 2011

The only thing I can remember just jamming my mouth shut and would not eat is CHEESE. I still don't like cheese, but will eat pizza cheese....that is the only thing I can remember. MMMM I love brussel sprouts.

airyfairy by airyfairy 25 Sep 2011

I also love brussel sprouts - always reminds me of Christmas day.

tracypullen by tracypullen 26 Sep 2011

I used spray butter to con my nephew into eating brussle sprouts. We were at the baseball field and he asked me if we could have them and I asked him if he had been Good Enought and he started begging for them. A lady turned around and asked me "What have you done to the kid!" LOL

justonlyme by justonlyme 27 Sep 2011

My son won't touch cheese either. He says it smells bad and he gags on it. He is an adult now, and still won't touch the stuff.

by ansalu 24 Sep 2011

As a child I don't eat salad and now I like it.
With the asparagus my mom tricked me out: Said it were black salsify (I eat them) and cuted away the head (which is the best at the asparagus!!!).
The brussel sprouts are still a no-go for me but I love every other sort of cabbage: cauliflower, broccoli, white/red cabbage...
Greetings, Bettina

by bokkieborduur 24 Sep 2011

I can't say because when we where kids we had no choice, "eat your spinach, eat your food because there is hundreds of kids outside this house that don't have any food" this was the words my mum and grandma use to say. Today I still have no preferences, eat anything. Love Marie

nanabs by nanabs 24 Sep 2011

My dad was a lot like that. If you didn't eat what was on the table you didn't eat. I remember mom and dad loved oyster stew and I had to sit and feel sick watching them eat those things. I did get so I would eat the broth with loads of crackers to kill the taste. My sisters would take them out of the can raw and put salt on them and swallow them. UGH. when me and a girlfriend got an apt. together she made fried oysters. Begged me to try one so I did but it wouldn't go down as I couldn't chew it.

meganne by meganne 25 Sep 2011

Same out our house Marie, we were dirt poor so we had to eat what was served even if we gagged on it. Thankfully we could only afford whatever was cheapest so we had lots of rice and potatoes & stews. There were many things I never knew about until I started working at 14. Bacon, cashews, mangos, fried onions, REAL cream, fillet steak, smoked oysters, olives, Vintage Cheese, quiche..... OH the culinary joys I discovered as a teenager! It's now wonder I LOVE food so much. LOL!!!

meganne by meganne 25 Sep 2011

ted working at 14. Bacon, cashews, mangos, fried onions, REAL cream, fillet steak, smoked oysters, olives, Vintage Cheese, quiche..... OH the culinary joys I discovered as a teenager! It's now wonder I LOVE food so much. LOL!!!

by sewdoctor 24 Sep 2011

I dislike celery, but love the flavor it gives I put it in big chunks and then fish them out!
I didn't like kielbasa when I was a kid, but love it now.

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nanabs by nanabs 24 Sep 2011

I love celery with peanut butter or cheese spread in it.

by susiesembroidery 24 Sep 2011

I disliked bacon avocados. Today I love it. Still, I hate rich cream. Can't stand it.

snowbird42 by snowbird42 24 Sep 2011

my mother used to cook tripe in white paarsley sayce weekly hated it then and thethough of it makes me want to throw up which i did when forced to eat it,,,yuk...soozie

meganne by meganne 25 Sep 2011

OOOH yes, I forgot about the trip n white sauce, I also hated it until a school friend showed me how she ate raw tripe sprinkled with vinegar and like her, once I tried it that way I loved it, though I haven't eaten it since.

You also reminded me of Tapioca and what was the other similar one called?
We called one; frog's eggs, the other one; frog's eyes. Our dad used to make us eat them both and just the thought of them gags me.
Hugs n love, Meganne

meganne by meganne 25 Sep 2011

about the Tapioca and, what was the other one called? We used to call one; frog's eggs and the other one; frog's eyes. iew! just the thought of them makes me gag! My Dad used to make us eat them!!!

airyfairy by airyfairy 25 Sep 2011

Oh yes, I had also forgotten about tripe.

mranderson by mranderson 25 Sep 2011

Meg I think you the other one is Sago.

asterixsew by asterixsew 26 Sep 2011

I have to add my comment that tripe is the one constant that I still dont like. I will avoid chicory coffee :(

by bumblebee 24 Sep 2011

Oatmeal can't stand the texture then and now.

nanabs by nanabs 24 Sep 2011

I agree about oatmeal. Can't stand the texture in my mouth...

jid53 by jid53 26 Sep 2011

I agree with you about oatmeal too, didnt like the look of it as a child and still dont,

by meganne 24 Sep 2011

I hated Brussels Sprouts then and still do. YUK!!!

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ansalu by ansalu 24 Sep 2011

Meganne my dear same to me!
In kindergarten we only need the smell and then we ran to the toilette :o( That is the only vegetable I don't eat (and I tried it again when I was grow up; still hate it). Greetings, Bettina

by anangel 24 Sep 2011

I would never eat mushroom when I was younger. When I was in my thirties, a friend coaxed me into trying one of her fried mushrooms. I almost ate them ALL they were so delicious! Now, I cook with mushrooms in a lot of different recipes.

I hated raw celery, as a child, and I STILL do!! I can tolerate it in a cooked recipe, like vegetable soup, but still do not care for it. I, also, agree with you on oysters stewed or fried!! Ugggh!!

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nanabs by nanabs 24 Sep 2011

Yummy fried mushroons breaded or just fried in butter.

by kttyhwk4 24 Sep 2011

Asparagus hated it when I was a kid now I love it. Isn't it strange how our tastes change.

meganne by meganne 24 Sep 2011

hey you're back!!!!

scrappinhappie by scrappinhappie 24 Sep 2011

I like to take 3 stalks of asparagus and wrap with a thin slice of bacon and cook till bacon is crispy, yummmmmmm!!!