by cclark 18 Sep 2011

Do you have any other hobbies besides machine embroidery? I found I spend so much time in the sewing room that I wasn't getting much exercise. I started taking pictures of gravestones for Find a

I got out early in the morning while it is still cool. I walk for about 1 to 2 hours looking for headstones which are requested.



by twee 21 Sep 2011

Bless you for taking pics. I love that site. I have found old pictures, death certificates, etc of several relatives. I am into Family History and that is such a great site.

by my3chis 19 Sep 2011

I build and fly model airplanes as well as the usual sewing and domestic goddess related fun.

by zoefzoef 19 Sep 2011

Don't know about you all but I feel always that my week has -at least- one day short. I have a full time It-job; when I come home I need to prepare food for my family, cat & 2 rabbits, clean-up the kitchen. Then it is nearly 8-8.30 pm. Then I start downloadling "freebees" and checking this site :-)
Saturday I need to clean the house & other stuff like this. I only have Sunday left, on which -school started again- I have to learn/practise also some Spanish (I'm in the 4th grade now), and sometimes we need to visit our parents also.
So laterly I hardly fine time to sew. Feel unhappy about it.. How do you all cope with your time ?

by killiecrankie 19 Sep 2011

I have found photos of family members graves on the internet , that we would have never found ,except for the work of different groups which have taken photos of all headstones in their local cemetries.Headstones can reveal vital information when search for ancestors.
So your new exercise program has a dual purpose. Have you found anything really interesting?

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cclark by cclark 19 Sep 2011

Oh yes, I found one of my grandfather's long lost brothers in a local cemetery. It was thought he died in the Civil War but he didn't. He just married a local girl and stayed.

by airyfairy 19 Sep 2011

Apart from machine embroidery, I make most of my clothes, x stitch and a little knitting (winter only). I love my herb garden and my roses. I walk for an hour early morning with a friend, where we put the World to rights!!! Every afternoon DH and I walk our pekingese.

by cj2sew 18 Sep 2011

Good question. My main hobby is quilting. I bought a longarm 5 years ago so I am no longer just a "Topper". I make quilts for LINUS and QOV.
I just started doing family history again (got called at church). Started back to exercising 5 days a week with a friend (on my 4th week - two more weeks and they say it becomes a habit. It really isn't a hobby but, I realize I have to make time for it if I want to stay healthy and live to see grandchildren one day.

by bonnetgirl 18 Sep 2011

I don't know if you would call this another hobby but I go swimming at least 5 nights a week. I try to help shop and make food for a man who lives nearby that has MS and has to pay for any help he gets. I love to sew and now have volunteered to help at the local hospis.

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cclark by cclark 19 Sep 2011

Good for you! Swimming is considered one of the best all around exercises. Bless you for volunteering to help others.

by mi30kaja 18 Sep 2011

Think most of my hobbies are inside the house. Possibly why we all lack Vitamine D. Interesting about the Gravestone sit. I must have a look but probably just for the USA. I have one of a very distant relation that I took last month. So sad that there is no headstone.

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cclark by cclark 19 Sep 2011

Find a is not just the USA. Give it a try!

by tracypullen 18 Sep 2011

My other hobbies are card making, crochet, painting, reg sewing, and Cricuting. I love to cut vinyl sayings to put on stuff, walls, cloths, tiles, etching glass and most of all I Love Zumba. I do 1 hour 2 times a week at my local Curves.

by almag 18 Sep 2011

If by 'hobbies' you mean what takes up the rest of your time after machine embroidery and sewing, then I think that exercising my powers of procrastination where housework is concerned is the main contender.
I hate housework - therefore, I spend a lot of time here at the computer researching and increasing my knowledge on all kinds of topics.

What's left of my time (when it's too late or too early to do any housework... :] ..) I love to take photos of the flowers and birds on our property, I tend my little nursery of seedlings in the old wheelbarrow, I attend sewing and quilting 'lessons' with my daughter and that's more fun than you could imagine, I dabble in a multitude of handcraft pastimes, I keep a watch out on my DHDon in his lathe shed or when he's doing farm jobs. In fact, I'm a pretty busy little old lady. This means that I have very little time to cook - another chore which I hate but which is necessary since eating keeps us happy and healthy - but when I do I just love filling the house with cooking smells that entice DHDon inside, nose first and high in the air, to share in the fruits of my labour.


by sqdancer 18 Sep 2011

I love my embroidery but also square dance and work the embroidery into the outfits we wear, have been a sewer for a good many years so this works great for me and I also manage to get a little extra pin money for outfits that I make for other dancers...

by mranderson 18 Sep 2011

As well as machine embroidery and all the other household duties my hubby and I are members of the local car club. We have 3 restored cars, a 1928 A Model Ford, a 1963 Ford Falcon Convertible and a 1965 Ford Mustang convertible. We have been members of the car club for over 30 years and have met a lot of lovely friends. We also have 7 G'Kids living close so they keep us busy. Marg

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 18 Sep 2011

Would love to see some picture of your cars sometime. Miss Loretta always wanted a picture of a 1928 A Model Ford. That was the year she was born.

by scrappinhappie 18 Sep 2011

Wow, what an interesting hobby you have. I sew, digitize, embroider, oil paint, scrapbook, and now that my sons are seniors in college this year, I am going to start college this next January!! I have been out of school for over 30 years and a bit scared but going to do it.

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cclark by cclark 18 Sep 2011

You are so brave to be going back to school.

by leely 18 Sep 2011

That's very interesting that you decided to make photos for that site. Cemeteries aren't fun place to visit, but *find a grave site* is rather nice. :o} I discovered it through wikipedia while studying biographies and it surprised me... There are good articles and it makes you curious... and it doesn't look that sinister as you might think it would...

Making contributions is a great hobby. I do it on wikipedia from time to time. I also play games online (not very healthy, I know). And I like astrology. :) Would be nice to start a "what's your starsign?" thread =)

I have a lot of other hobbies... (Photography in particular!*) Too many to ever complete what I started :D (kidding!)

I like to learn new things. And I don't forget to exercise... :)

*Here's a flower for U all :}

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 18 Sep 2011

Very lovely - thank you.

by spendlove Moderator 18 Sep 2011

That is a very interesting occupation. I walk about 5 miles a day with the dog but no gravestones (don't want her hunting bones!)
My main hobby other than needlework of all kinds is music. Mike and I play and sing all over the place - tomorrow morning we are entertaining the local Macular Disease Society. It will be a challenge being bright, cheerful and entertaining on a Monday morning!

by catsnhorses 18 Sep 2011

Hi Charla -
What a fun question. We sewing/embroidery lovers do spend a lot of time in our 'special' room, but judging from the responses here we have many outside interests as well.

I love to walk, ride my horses, enjoy nature, swim, and new for me -- I'm doing genealogy research in hopes of admittance to the DAR. Interestingly, it was a wonderful volunteer at FindaGrave who answered my request for photos of 2 gravestones in FL. One of them was a missing link, so I'm now a little closer in my ancestry quest. Thank you for your service to the cause from those of us who don't have that talent. :)

Marion in KY

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cclark by cclark 18 Sep 2011

It is just my way of "paying it forward" for all the folks that found headstones for me. I'm into geneology too.

by starlizard 18 Sep 2011

This summer, I got outside and created a new flower garden in our backyard. I love doing yard work... gets me outside in the fresh air and sunshine. I'm really fascinated with your other hobby, though... I've seen some interesting headstones over the years. I've got pictures of most of my immediate family headstones. I have friend here that we've been planning to take a picnic basket and go check out some of the local commentaries.

by marcellelewis 18 Sep 2011


Good for you helping with the gravestone photos. I have some on 'The Tombstone Project'. I am also addicted to genealogy research for my McKinney and McClain ancestors. In 2004 my sister and I had our 1 remaining uncle on father and and 1 on our mother's side DNA tested. That has been the best thing we have ever been involved with. The enjoyment it brought to my sister and I plus both uncles has been amazing. They were both in their 80's. I often see reference to my McKinney uncle's Kit # 27772 on many DNA Genealogy research sites. Turned out that he belongs to a 'newly named' haplogroup. When I posted his results in Ysearch in 2004 I started getting emails from all over the world from genetic researchers. One researcher asked us to send another sample for him to London England for even more in depth testing. Our uncle loved the whole process.

I also have a website where I am transcribing the old 'McKinney Maze' family history newsletters that were published many years ago before computer research became popular.

I highly recommend DNA genealogy research to everyone. Now that people know that the tests they do can't pinpoint a particular individual, just if 2 individuals share a common ancestor within the last 500 or so years, more people are being tested. I am so glad.

This was a great question. I am enjoying reading all the results.


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cclark by cclark 18 Sep 2011

Thanks for the info. I'll check it out.

by nanabs 18 Sep 2011

I do woodworking, crochet, regular sewing, and hand embroidery. Spend time teaching gradn daughters how to do some of this. Just canned a bushel of green tomatoes so I have fried green tomatoes all winter. Used to can tons of things but being alone now I can't raise a garden by myself to but tomatoes to can. Canning used to be a big hobby of mine. Loved doing it and loved eating it.

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marcellelewis by marcellelewis 18 Sep 2011

I never tried canning green tomatoes. Thanks for posting that so now I know they turn out good for frying during the winter. I love tomatoes any way they can be prepared.


by shirlener88 18 Sep 2011

Bless your heart - you are one of those special people - that allow us - that do family history - something else to work with. Thanks! I put together my family history and keep track of the new births and the deaths - I recently added photos to the line - for those that would share them. It is a rather rewarding past time.

I have just started making cards - nothing that is so creative - just a set or two that I got - that has all the parts and you assemble them - they are Anna Griffin 3D - I love her work.

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 18 Sep 2011

I have my family history 10 generations from me on both sides of the family - so we have 12 generations now, that we have tracked down.

by bibi 18 Sep 2011

I play badminton.It is inndoors,so regardless of the weather.Twice a week for 25 years.Have house in two stories and garden ,dog and a husband to look after.And then I sew,sew sew.

by mjdg 18 Sep 2011

Most of my hobbies require me to be sitting, as some one else said......
I do all kinds of hand work, make one of a kind jewelry, and read. I do like photography but haven't done a lot lately.
I keep meaning to go for an early morning walk but am able to talk myself out of it rather quickly! :)

by bumblebee 18 Sep 2011

Well most my hobbies are me seating on my butt.LOL
However, I do all my gardening, cleaning and take care of my husband so I do get exercise too.
Interesting hobby you have chosen-I'm afraid I would not like doing that but I do like photography
but not that good at it.

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cclark by cclark 18 Sep 2011

You never know if you'd like it until you try it. I have found some gorgeous and headstones.

by sewfrenzie 18 Sep 2011

I raise chickens and garden. Plus I walk almost every day until the weather getrs so cold I can't breath right or move because my joints stiffen up. In the summer I get a lot of exercise, as we have 5 acres and 3 of it is mowable. Of that at least one acre must be done with a push mower each time. Either to steep, rocky or narrow to get into with the rider. So when winter hits I'm looking for physical activites to keep the weight off. Any ideas ladies as it gets to minus 40 here in Minneosta at times. :(
I just haven't figured out how to get exercise while emfrioderying, sewing or quilting, lol!

by terriweistra 18 Sep 2011

All my hobbies require that I sit on my backside!! Quilting, hand embroidery, card making and knitting.

by jmweller 18 Sep 2011

I knit, crochet, do hand embroidery, counted cross stitch, and read. No wonder the housework doesn't seem to get done! Maureen

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cclark by cclark 18 Sep 2011

LOL, I know how that is. I also crochet, sew, and nalbinding which I can do on my butt!

by devon 18 Sep 2011

I love to cook and make cakes. I also like to scrapbooking to, when I have the time. Love to work with flowers!! I need more time for everything. LOL DeVon

catsnhorses by catsnhorses 18 Sep 2011

Oh yum! With your talents, maybe we should have a Cute party at your house! hee-hee... just teasing. But congrats on loving to cook and make cakes. When the last of the kids flew the coup, I stitched a towel that said 'What's for dinner? ...Resservations!'

catsnhorses by catsnhorses 18 Sep 2011

opps quote got cut. :( the towel read: What's for dinner? ...Reservations!