by betgor 15 Sep 2011

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25524 I haven't received my designs which have been paid for to embpersons through paypal on Sept. 9th. I have my receipt. they are still in the cart waiting to be paid but I have paid. Can you help please? elizabeth john -


by marjialexa Moderator 15 Sep 2011

Elizabeth, this might be a glitch from some of the website changes. I've contacted Veronika with your information, hopefully she'll be getting in touch with you at your e-mail. Sorry for your problem, usually things work pretty well around here, this apparently went bust. I'm sure she'll have you sorted quickly. Hugs, Marji

by bevintex 15 Sep 2011

Is it embpersons or embprojects? Embprojects sends you a password by email . You should contact the site owner.

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betgor by betgor 16 Sep 2011

All the information I have given you is correct. I am really getting frustrated with the whole situation. I bought 4 designs from you and i havent received them. they should be in download centre and not in the shopping cart where they are at the moment. i have paid for them.