by raseitz 15 Sep 2011

I need some recommendations on bar/kitchen/tea towels for embroidery.

A friend is getting married in November and I would like to embroider her new monogram onto some tea towels for her. Does anyone have a particular brand they purchase or a website they prefer?

Thanks for the help.


by katydid 16 Sep 2011

I don't have a wholesale license , so I shop the clearance everywhere I go . I am the bargain hunter!! I find the retail stores have better prices than the on line sites. I love T-J maxx and Tuesday Morning for the kitchen towels. Others may give you hints as I CAN NOT SEE YOUR LOCATION.

raseitz by raseitz 19 Sep 2011

I live about 20 mins outside Washington DC in Sterling, VA

raseitz by raseitz 22 Sep 2011

I am unable to drive so I was looking at the options from amazon...I found a company called NOW Designs. they have all sorts of colors in coordinating linens for kitchen and bath...

by eteaff 16 Sep 2011

I purchase bath linens and kitchen towels from Sam's Club. I don't know how the kitchen towels hold up but I love the bath linens. Hope this helps.

by justonlyme 16 Sep 2011

I haven't purchased any towels. In fact, I go to the local auto supply store, where I buy the huge packages of white terry towels, pre-wash them, and then decorate away. They are less than $1 each, and if you goof up, it is not a big loss. They can also be dyed to match just about any color you want. I've seen your message, but didn't really have an answer that seemed suitable. But since no on else answered, I'll put in my two cents worth. Good luck getting an answer that is suitable. You can also buy toweling yardage at a fabric store and hem it to any size you would like. It sure beats trying to track down just the right fabric or color or.... you name it. Good luck.

by raseitz 16 Sep 2011

is it against the rules to answer your own question to send it TTT? ;)

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justonlyme by justonlyme 16 Sep 2011

I would say "nope". :)