by rob1 12 Sep 2011

Do you get only one free design a day.


by rob1 13 Sep 2011

Thank you all for answering my question.

by fannyfurkin 12 Sep 2011

Check in the freebies tab. There are some very busy cuties who post up to date freebies every day. You will be very busy downloading freebies. But as Marg has said all that glitters is not gold.

by cfidl 12 Sep 2011

I too downloaded everything at first. Then I found some quality sites, so I try to be more discerning. I also the projects area to see what others are buying and using! Live Laugh Download Stitch! christine

by mranderson 12 Sep 2011

This site is being upgraded at the moment and yes you are right only 1 free design on this site but all sister sites have freebies. Most sites have free designs just Google 'free embroidery designs' and I am sure you will be VERY busy downloading. Remember the proverb "All that glitters is not gold". Meaning that all designs are not well digitized. Marg

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mranderson by mranderson 12 Sep 2011

Sorry should hsve said Google "free machine embroidery designs". Marg

by linda8450 12 Sep 2011

Huh? One? Your kidding, right? I go to a dozen or so sites every morning, including Cuties, and get any that interest me. I am, however more discerning now that when I first started. I used to d/l every design I saw that was free. I quickly realized some were not digitized very well and not worth my time and supplies to stitch out, others are just another version of something I already have (who needs 400 anchors/hummingbirds/baby rattles?). Now I do label the designs that I purchase with the name of the site, but I still don't label the freebies. Linda