by ceramickids 10 Sep 2011

Hi Cuties, I have a Question , It may sound silly, but I have just been embroidering a couple of months. My question is, what is Mylar Designs?? I see that alot, and wondering if its something different than regular designs.


by almag 14 Sep 2011

Do some research before you decide to buy.
Read what Sharon has to say at .......

With good information you can make an informed decision about what you want to buy.

Oh yes, no question is silly if you need to know the answer ....


by justonlyme 14 Sep 2011

Be careful if you buy cheap wrapping paper type mylar. Especially the colored stuff. It lasts alright on clothing and such, but the color tends to wash off. I did some ornaments with pink and blue mylar, and a water soluble stabilizer. When I rinsed them, the water was very brightly colored. I can only imagine what that would do to a nice white t-shirt or something. Try it out, and enjoy. You will have a whole new look to your embroidery!!
I put the mylar sheet down as a top layer before putting the hoop on the machine. Be sure to tape it or pin it in place so it doesn't move all around and bunch up on you. Snowflakes look particularly nice with an iridescent sheet of mylar.

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cfidl by cfidl 14 Sep 2011

Thank you. I think you saved me some misery! Live Laugh Download Stitch! christine

by crafter2243 Moderator 11 Sep 2011

I purchase the sheets at the Dollar Store. They are in packages and are usually used for wrapping gifts. The designs are of lesser density first to so you can see the sparkle and secondly that it will not tear off. Here is an example. Please excuse the edges I haven't cleaned them up yet, but it gives you a pretty good visual what Mylar is about.

by ceramickids 10 Sep 2011

So Mylar film is used like a Water Topper?,

by mysugarfootswife 10 Sep 2011

And I learned a bit, too. Thanks

by loosie 10 Sep 2011

Great question, I was thinking the same thing! Now I know....

by cfidl 10 Sep 2011

Mylar designs typically have a differnent stitch pattern so not to make too many holes in the mylar. It is always sandwiched between 2 layers of thread as in FSL or on top of fabric (regular embroidery).
I am picking up a roll this weekend! yeah! Designs that are used for paper embroidery or foam embroidery may also work for mylar. If the design is not made for mylar be careful with too many stitches to tear it where you do not want it torn. Live Laugh Download and Stitch! christine
P.S. If I am incorrect on any of these points, I need to be corrected as I have mylar on the way!

by zoefzoef 10 Sep 2011

Never heard about this (as I m a newbee too); checked the website of Alexgrandma; read the .pdf... again something learned today :-)

by noah 10 Sep 2011

i buy mine @ the dollar store and it works great hugs carolyn

by alexgrandma 10 Sep 2011

heirlooms by sharon
Is a good source for mylar embroidery. It is where I got mine from. Charming station has a lot of mylar designs.


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airyfairy by airyfairy 11 Sep 2011

Thank you for this. I wrote to Sharon and she has put me in touch with someone who sells Mylar here in South Africa.

by eggyannie 10 Sep 2011

Mylar film is the kind used for those birthday ballons. It can be purchased in A4 Sized sheets.
if you place some into a FSL Design it wil sparkle through,
special designs for use with Mylar film can be purchased but i think there just may be some in cutes designs.
they make wonderfull xmas tree ornaments and sun catchers for the windows and can change the look on a birthday card.
As you have allready been told the designs are not as dense so that the film is not cut up you can also try useing it on the card stock designs as they too are of a low density.
try one and have fun
annie in the UK

by edithfarminer 10 Sep 2011

Mylar designs are less dense. You put special mylar paper underneath what is shiny and that shines through. Not tried it myself,but looks very pretty of what I have seen.
Mylar is like what they make the helium balloons from.