by redhotrn65 04 Sep 2011

PRAISE GOD the wind shifted and headed the other way. We still have our cars loaded in case it shifts again. To top it off, we have fires close to our other house which is for sale in Tyler Tx. It still contains all my furniture to help it show better. I work as office manager at an off-road park that sits on top of the highest mountain. We had to evacuate everyone there also and they now have a command post there. The fires are all around us! Please pray for the safety of eveyone here and especially the brave men and women who are fighting them! I do have to admit the first thing that went into the car was my ellisimo and my computer with all my files--lol. OK I know I'm addicted!-lol.


by almag 05 Sep 2011

I saw the awful fires on TV and I feel for you and all the others tackling this disaster.
Fire season will be on us here in a few months and after the good rains we've had we'll be a tinderbox this summer.
I'll pray that the fires soon slow down and that you all remain safe.

by debswebster 05 Sep 2011

This is terrifying, I feel for you and all those who may be affected. Hope the fire fighters get this under control. Stay safe.

by shirlener88 05 Sep 2011

I will be praying for you and I would have done the very same thing - let us know how you do dear. *4U

by greysewist Moderator 05 Sep 2011

I hope you all get out of this traumatic time with no major problems. Seems the entire world is still taking turns on major catastrophes.

by capoodle 05 Sep 2011

Can tell this is going to be a long night. Prayers for everyone affected by these fires.

by airyfairy 05 Sep 2011

My thoughts are with you all. Stay safe. Sarah.

by mysew1325 05 Sep 2011

Boy our government should quit sending money to foreign country's .. we have had major disaster's right here in the U.S. .. We need it here.. Stay safe..

by meganne 04 Sep 2011

You have my prayers that everyone stays safe and they can soon bring the fires under control.
Hugs and blessings, Meganne

by justonlyme 04 Sep 2011

Go through your houses with your camera and take pictures of EVERYTHING! You may think that you will remember all that you have, but you won't. Then you will have records for insurance should you be unfortunate enough to not avoid the fire.
My aunt and uncle's house is also in the fire line. They just packed up the most important stuff and came out to the west coast to stay here till things settle back down a little bit.
I hope you can allow yourself to stay out of the line of the fire, even if it means losing everything, because nothing is more important than your life. Everything else can be replaced.
Be sure to back up your files so that the heat doesn't take all of those!! Hang in there!!!

by juanitadenney 04 Sep 2011

I am praying that the fires do not affect you and yes you are one smart gal to have loaded your ellisimo and computer into your car as they are two every priceless things that you own. Good luck to you and your family. Be safe!

by nanabs 04 Sep 2011

Prayers for all of you there and the fires are contained right away. Stay safe. Blessings

by drro 04 Sep 2011

Praying now for you all now and for fires to end! God Bless!

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by jrob Moderator 04 Sep 2011

Absolutely will!;)

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by lulu07 04 Sep 2011

My prayers are with you and your family.

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by bumblebee 04 Sep 2011

Ah my heart goes out to you. I know wildfires way to
well- we have so many in Southern California.
Its starting again but so far seem to be contained.
Texas is having a bad year that's for sure. Between
drought, heat and fires.
Glad to here you are prepared.
I just saw on the news this weekend a fire had reached some ranch homes near the cajon pass where
the 15 and 138 highways cross and jeepers this is
the route from Vegas we were advising our family to
come thru to see from up North to avoid down town
Los Angeles.
Thank Goodness, it seems like its going to be 100percent down by Monday.
Take Care,
Linda Aka Bumblebee

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redhotrn65 by redhotrn65 04 Sep 2011