by jrob Moderator 31 Aug 2011

Wow, just look at how far you have come in only 5 years! Congratulations, best wishes for many many more and my unending gratitude to you Miss Veronika for making this such a welcoming and wonderful place to gather with my sisters (and brothers) of like minds. You have changed lives here. I am so grateful to count you as my friend.

Love and hugs,


by claudenicolas 07 Sep 2011

Happy birthday to our site cuteembroidery
Cogratulation and a great thank you to miss Veronika

by jillian 07 Sep 2011

A very happy 5th Birthday. This is the best site I have ever founnd - my days would be empty without my daily visit. Wishing you many many more years.

by marjialexa Moderator 01 Sep 2011

I agree with everything Jerrilyn said!! I've been here since October 2007, and the growth since then has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you, Veronika, for this place, and for your designs. And very very happy birthday!! Love, Marji

by castelyn 01 Sep 2011

Happy Birthday "Cute Embroidery"
Thanks to Jerrilyn for putting up the post.

Big thanks to Miss Veronika for a wonderful site.
Hugs and love

by test 01 Sep 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear CUTIES!!! Thank you so much for your love, for your friendship. Im just happy, I have so a great family... I have gifts for you :) Special offers begin on Sep.5
LOVE, Veronika

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castelyn by castelyn 01 Sep 2011

Thanks Miss Veronika, Happy "cute embroidery" 5 th Birthday -hugs Yvonne

by tolgamum 01 Sep 2011

May I heartily endorse jrob's comments. Happy Birthday Cute! This site provides me, and I'm sure many other cuties, with a wonderful and caring extended family of like-minded embroidery enthusiasts. A huge thank you to Miss V without whom none of this would be are the glue which holds this group together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTE!

by jaddas 01 Sep 2011

Very cute. Thank-you!

by april22 01 Sep 2011

Happy 5th birthday and many more.

by damaris 01 Sep 2011

Happy Birthday Thank you Veronika.

by dilceia 01 Sep 2011

Jerrilyn, thank you. Happy Birthday CUTE and thank you Veronika!

by theduchess 01 Sep 2011

Ms Veronika
May you continue to be successful and know that you bring happiness and comfort to so many people from all over the world.
The miles just melt away when we all gather here to talk.I never knew I had so many friends all over the world. You've made my world complete, Thank you, Stella(aka the duchess)

by tiply 01 Sep 2011

Happy Birtday!!!

by clawton 01 Sep 2011

Congratulations. Thanks for such a nice site to visit and collect wonderful designs.

by gerryvb 01 Sep 2011


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by gerryvb 01 Sep 2011

Congratulations dear miss Veronika! Thank you for this great lovely sites, where we all can feel like one cute family. where we made and still make so many friends who care and share. It's a lovely addictif place to be. I hope there are many more birthday's to come. And I want to suggest:
PLEASE LET'S show how much we appreciate this site by voting for cute ( see link), so the cute site stays on top where it belongs!

by rmj8939 01 Sep 2011

Happy birthday Miss Veronica. I am so glad I am here now and just sorry it took me so long to find you. Great site.

by jasanne 01 Sep 2011

Happy Birthday to Cute, and a big thankyou to Miss Veronica for hosting this site where so many can share so much.
Many blessings

by terriweistra 01 Sep 2011

Happy Birthday to Cute Embroidery, Thank you to Miss Veronika for my second home

by ansalu 01 Sep 2011


Have registred 4th september 2008 (until there I was just reading :o) and don't wanna miss this family :o)
Hope we can celebrate many more birthday-partys...
Greetings, Bettina

by meganne 01 Sep 2011

WOW! 5 years! To survive on the net for that long is truly AMAZING, well I couldn't say it was CUTE, now could I? LOL!!!

Happy Birthday Cute, Congratulations Miss Veronika on this fantastic milestone.

I don't know what you had in your mind when you first opened your web-site to members, but I bet you never, in your wildest dreams, imagined it would become the most popular group on the web and that you would enjoy the love, admiration and gratitude of a world wide family of Cuties.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making all this possible and being so gracious while doing so.

Hugs, much love and a wish for many more Birthdays to come, Meganne

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Sep 2011

Happy Birthday and a big big THANK YOU for having created this site for us.

by moyed 01 Sep 2011

How amazing, wish I was that young again. LOL Happy birthday. Helen

by drro 01 Sep 2011

WOW! Happy B'day to a wonderful embroidery site and its developer. Miss V!!

by giddygoat 01 Sep 2011

Happy 5th Birthday to CUTE. Thank you Miss Veronica for your wonderful site. It gives so much to everyone who comes here. Viv

by airyfairy 01 Sep 2011

Thank you for this reminder. I have now been here for a year and I really cannot imagine my life without the "Cute family". Thank you Ms Veronica for all you do to keep this wonderful site up and running. Happy Birthday.

by babsie 31 Aug 2011

Happy birthday to Cute and thanks to Miss Veronica. Please remember to vote for Cute today and everyday.

by katydid 31 Aug 2011

oh!! Jerrilyn. I can not believe 5 years in to the best embroidery site on the web. Veronika did it just for us. She turned her site over to us and gave us free will and obliged to all our wants and look what we have now!! Congratulations to Veronika!! Kay

by babie 31 Aug 2011

A happy celebration Miss Veronika and all fellow Cuties.

by sukiray 31 Aug 2011

Happy 5th birthday and many more.
Hugs and blessings,

by nonna57 31 Aug 2011

Happy Birthday Ms Veronika. From the bottom of my heart thankyou for all that you so freely give. This website for 1. What would i do without you and all here on Cute. Another 25 days and i shall be here 5 yrs also. Sending many Cute hugs your way . Pauline x

by dailylaundry 31 Aug 2011

Happy Birthday Cute Embroidery!! Miss Veronika - thank you - thank you for 5 wonderful years of allowing us to be together to enjoy your designs, show off our stitching, ask questions, share designs and ideas and confort one another and share in celebrating wonderful moments with each other ... Thank you!!! Hugs, Laura

by kathyjt 31 Aug 2011

Happy Birthday. Thank you Miss V for all our cute family.

by dlmds 31 Aug 2011

Happy B-day!! Thank you Miss V. for all the wonderful things you have done for us in the last five years...hope for many more years to come. Hugs.

by dlonnahawkins 31 Aug 2011

Happy Birthday Cute - what a great place to have been welcomed to, and have enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you Miss Veronika for making it all possible for so many.

by noah 31 Aug 2011

wow that went fast lol i second everything Jerrilyn wrote carolyn

by gayle950 31 Aug 2011

Happy 5th Birthday to Cute. A big thank you to Miss Veronica too. A great site with a lot of information about anything to do with embroidery.

by raels011 31 Aug 2011

I hope every cutie gives thanks for this great site as we celebrate our 5th Birthday

by almag 31 Aug 2011

~~~~~ Happy Birthday, Cute Embroidery ~~~~~

Dear Veronika, thank you for your vision and generosity in creating this Meeting Place for embroidery enthusiasts; thank you for your time, your commitment and your kindness; thank you for your shining example of tolerance and love.

Without doubt many, many people are following in your footsteps. What a wonderful legacy you have built. This site grows from strength to strength.

May your success continue and may you enjoy the thought that you have brought happiness and comfort to so many people from all over the world.

Much love - AlmaG.

by emily16838 31 Aug 2011

who are charter members??? Anyone from the start? I feel lucky to have found all of you

by maleah 31 Aug 2011

Happy birthday to the best group!! TIme to celebrate with lots of hugs- Thank you for being great- from Tennessee

by lbrow 31 Aug 2011

Having joined just a few months later in early 2007 I cannot express the joy I have had being here. There is no other site or site owner that can come toe to toe with Cute Embroidery and MS Veronika. There are not many of us that have been here almost from the beginning but this has been a wonderful ride you have taken us on MS Veronika. I could never thank you enough for what you have meant to us all. I have said in the past & continue to say to all " Welcome to the Wonderful World of Cute Embroidery. This site has a heart as big as all outdoors & arms wide open to all . May it always be thus so. Happy Birthday CUTE EMBROIDERY !!/Lillian

by designgirl 31 Aug 2011

Thanks Jerrilyn for reminding us about the 5th Birthday of Cute. Congratulations Miss Veronika, this is such a great site. I love everything about it, the friends and the wonderful designs you and the Cute family provides us with. Thanks everyone. Hugs Lynn

by asterixsew Moderator 31 Aug 2011

Happy Birthday to Cute or Penblywydd Hapus Cute

by nglover1 31 Aug 2011

Thank You Miss Veronika for such a wonderful site and for all you have done for all of us . Thank You for such a special friendship . Love, Nancy

by pennifold 31 Aug 2011

Well, let me be the first from Australia to thank you too. I've been a member since 2007 and I can't believe how many wonderful people I've met on here. Thankyou Veronika for making this website such a welcoming and informative place to be.

Love and blessings Chris, Newcastle, Australia

by gramsbear 31 Aug 2011

Yes!!! Happy 6th Birthday Cute and Miss Veronika!!! I feel so priveliged to be part of this wonderful site. Thanx for making it so great! Hugs & Blessings, Judy

by shirlener88 31 Aug 2011

Jerrilyn, thank you. Happy Birthday CUTE and thank you Veronika for such a lovely site - a place for the CUTE family to gather and love one another.

by marthie 31 Aug 2011

Cute and Veronica - happy birthday. Both of you are so very very special.

by capoodle 31 Aug 2011

Thank you and many more Happy Birthdays!

by iris2006 31 Aug 2011

Is it really 2006???? It looks like i've been here all my live, Congrats miss Verkonika with this special place on the internet and many years to come I hope.

by sewmom 31 Aug 2011

Wow! I thought it was 2009 since that is the earliest year I've seen on members pages. Keep up the great site Veronika! Thank you.

by 02kar Moderator 31 Aug 2011

Thank you and happy birthday to our favorite embroidery site.

by jrob Moderator 31 Aug 2011

(had to add some flowers, of course!)