by mehhouse 26 Aug 2011

You can download one free design from the e-club. 868 pages of designs to look thru. Pages load slow but you have until Sept 2nd to get the design. It doesn't appear that you can search for a certain design either.



by ramona 27 Aug 2011

Got it! Thank you

by tinfriend 27 Aug 2011

Does this only apply if you have purchased from them?

edithfarminer by edithfarminer 27 Aug 2011

Not sure tinfriend. I got mine in my in-box. Hope you get it too. Take care. Hugs edith

bevintex by bevintex 27 Aug 2011

I think so, or you have to subscribe to the newsletter.

tinfriend by tinfriend 29 Aug 2011

I am a subscriber but never received anything - oh well not to worry!
Thanks for the replies!
* to you all!

by drcindyl 27 Aug 2011

OMG. Thanks for the heads up. The lace angels you are talking about are on page 8. I know I have seen those elsewhere and they are very expensive so this is a great deal.!!!!

by bevintex 26 Aug 2011

Got mine. Thanks.