by elenu 29 Apr 2008

I'm more than happy to let the sun shine in my windows but for what reward? A reminder to leave the 'cute' site & machine & get busy with the duster & vacuum cleaner! Your thoughts pls.:-):-):-)


by lbrow 29 Apr 2008

Dust what is that? I've decided in my old age it's time to stop & look at the roses. The roses will be gone but the dust will always be there. *4U

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elenu by elenu 30 Apr 2008

How true that is.

by nonna57 29 Apr 2008

Hire a housecleaner ******

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elenu by elenu 30 Apr 2008

Too expensive Nonna I'll take everyone's advice & leave the dust well alone.

by dlonnahawkins 29 Apr 2008

Dust? you mean we really need to do that? I try to do catch up on the weekends, but that doesn't always work. Just have to get back into the site to see what is going on!

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elenu by elenu 30 Apr 2008

I know what you mean

by elenu 29 Apr 2008

The concensus of opinion on my dusty question is - LET IT LIE. Bowling this pm and again t'morra will ensure no rising dust clouds in our household. I'll write all your names in the dust & take your excellent advice. Thanks & stars for all.

by shirlener88 29 Apr 2008

Jean, if you are here - composing this question - you already have your answer, I would say - you let the sun shine it - leave the dusting for another day - stitch out another pretty card - have fun posting on 'CUTE' and leave your worries for another day - I say "Have a great day, unless you have other plans." Hehehe! *4U Shirlene

by jrob Moderator 29 Apr 2008

Loved marji's answer, still chuckling...I once saw a sign that read, "You may write in my dust, but you may not date it!" ;)

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marjialexa by marjialexa 30 Apr 2008

Thanks, Jrob, I think I'm hatching another cat behind my refrigerator, and to do #4 I need taller dogs than Shelties. Love the part about not dating the dust, hee hee hee. Marji

by marjialexa Moderator 29 Apr 2008

I think embroidery machines should be sold with software and a Roomba! Thoughts: 1) Embroider a sign that says "Please don't step on my pet dust bunnies!" 2) "I'm purposely leaving the cat hair there to see if I can spontaneously generate another cat, it's a science experiment." 3) "It's supposed to look like frosted glass" 4) Attach a feather duster to the dog's tail & give him treats to make him wag 5) Kidnap "Mr. Clean" & make him work for you. 6) If somebody expresses interest in having you embroider something for them, tell them you'd be glad to, as long as while you embroider they clean, do dishes, etc. 7) Husbands are trainable, they've been known to learn to do many things in order to get food. I agree with Meganne, the housework will still be there when you're dead. Kick a path thru the stuff to your sewing machine, and have all the fun you can!! Marji

by joaniessw 29 Apr 2008

A reward of great inspiration to do some emb with bright flowers and sunshine. More dust bunnies will just come back again, let them have some company :P ><>

by simplyrosie 29 Apr 2008

I say hire a maid.... ;-)

by adelmarie 29 Apr 2008

I say, start take the machine next to the window and dust while is titching a color. Then take a braek when is time to change the thread.. lol

by meganne 29 Apr 2008

Oh and if that doesn't convince you to leave the dust alone, my dear old Dad used to say: "Housework will still be there when you're dead and gone, so why kill yourself quicker!" Sounded good to me! LOL! :-} M

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 29 Apr 2008

I know that I would have adored your Dad - Hehehe! *4U

by meganne 29 Apr 2008

Without dust there can be no 'dust bunnies' and no 'airy fairies' to glitter in the sunbeams. hugs n roses, M

by minnieb 29 Apr 2008

the dust will only come back, watch it to see if it goes away on its own

by missann 29 Apr 2008

It really is one of those hard decisions to make, go dust or stay with good company, Auntbaba is right, though, life is short and the company here is much more enjoyable. There are a lot of us who are now living with lots and lots of dust :)

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auntbaba by auntbaba 29 Apr 2008

Isn't that the truth!!!

by auntbaba 29 Apr 2008

Dear elenu, Life is short; stay with Cute and your machine! *4U