by prampelb 28 Apr 2008

Is the Embird sw free and where can I get it from. Thanks. Pat


by joaniessw 28 Apr 2008

I thank you also. I think it is time that I DL the trial of this. Before biking season is Really upon us. Flowers to all, Pat for the Q and rest for A. ><>

by celticlady1031 28 Apr 2008

I bought mine from Secrets. I love it. Just wish this question/answer area had been here then. I spent so much time trying to figure out what I was doing. Now I wouldn't be without it.

by sqdancer 28 Apr 2008

Love Embird have used it since 2000...highly recommend it...there are a number of groups that a very helpfull...Flying Needle has a great group..try it you'll love it!!! *4U

by lbrow 28 Apr 2008

I LOOOovvveee my Embird SW. You've got excellent answs. here. Secrets is cheaper & U also get points 4 buying that U can spend like money as well as the bonus designs. Try it 4 30 days free You'll like it. *4U. Also I think there r several that have it & we can help if U run into problems

by shirlener88 28 Apr 2008

What is the price on the Embird SW? *4U

by meganne 28 Apr 2008

Oh, you can also join a great Embird group, Embird Time, from this link. I joined before I paid for my SW and found lots of help there. cheers, M

by meganne 28 Apr 2008

No it's not free but you can download full version and all the plug-ins for 30 day trial. Trial has some limitations but most things work. Secrets of Embroidery is cheapest place I found to buy from plus you get 25 free designs with every purchase you make over $30, so if/when you buy your Registration, buy each part seperately and you can benefit by getting (multiple) extra freebies, cheers, Meganne

shirlener88 by shirlener88 28 Apr 2008

Great plan! *4U

lbrow by lbrow 28 Apr 2008

U also get points with everything from secrets & can spend them like money.

prampelb by prampelb 28 Apr 2008

Thank you ans flowers for you all.Pat

meganne by meganne 28 Apr 2008

Yes I forgot to mention the points, DUH! I've got $25 to spend Yippee! well worth buying from Secrets. M

by ruthie 28 Apr 2008

Pat, I think there is a 30 day trial version, but then you'd need to buy if you want to continue using the program. Here is the link to the official Embird website. But I think someone said that Secret of Embroidery are offering a discount. Hugs and a flower sweetie.

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ruthie by ruthie 28 Apr 2008

Here's the Secrets of site -