by elenu 26 Apr 2008

I see all these lovely designs on towels. Plse tell me what happens to threads on back of design. I embroidered hairdressing items on towels for my Hairdrssr but was not too happy with reverse..


by meganne 27 Apr 2008

I also use same thread top & bottom with the addition of fabric type water soluble stabilzer top and bottom, turns out much better, (in my opinion). Before I start to sew I bring the bobbin thread to the top of the design and pull out a considerable length of both threads to hold onto, then i very carefully hold onto both threads while I sew a few stitches, then I stop and cut them both off before continuing with the design, I do this with every thread change. Also, when i change the threads I cut back any long jump threads from the underside. Fiddly but it shows in the end result. roses 4U, M

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elenu by elenu 27 Apr 2008

Thank you Meganne for that info, very helpful indeed. My efforts would have looked neater had I been brave enough to cut the threads closer. However, with all the advice I have received I hope I'll do better next time.

by shirlener88 26 Apr 2008

Jean, I like how MOPS answered this - very nice technique - if you don't want to bother - just clip all the thread really close on the back - as if it where the top - or you could also - do a patch on the back - if you did it - so that it didn't take away from the top. *4U

elenu by elenu 27 Apr 2008

Thanks Shirlene. I worried that by snipping the back threads, the embroidery would unravel when the towels were washed, so I left them longer than I would have liked and spoiled the look. I'll take yiour advice for the next time.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 27 Apr 2008

With hand embroidery that might be the case - but the way that the designers stitch thing over and over - I doubt it would happen.

by lbrow 26 Apr 2008

Listen to mops elenu. also b careful of stabalizer U use I like it better when no stabalizer is left on back that can b seen *4U

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elenu by elenu 27 Apr 2008

Thanks Ibrow, I used quite heavy dissolvable top and bottom and same colour thread top and bottom, but it was snipping the threads at the back - I left them too long for fear of spoilt design when towels washed!

by joaniessw 26 Apr 2008

Already have your answer, so *4U ><>

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elenu by elenu 27 Apr 2008

Yes Joaniessw, very helpful answers, I'm pleased I asked about it. Thank you.

by celticlady1031 26 Apr 2008

I have done what mops said for towels I give as gifts or sell. It's worth the extra effort.

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elenu by elenu 27 Apr 2008

Thanks Celticlady It is an effort to change the bobbin thread every colour change. It was just the back snipping that I didn't do too well!

by kttyhwk4 26 Apr 2008

see you've already got your answer, so *4U

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elenu by elenu 27 Apr 2008

Thanks kttyhwk - yes, very helpful answers too I'll not be nervous of snipping the back next time!

by mops Moderator 26 Apr 2008

If you want to have a nice reverse as well as front, it is best to use the same (embroidery) thread on the bobbin. Takes some extra time (winding them and changing them) but then the towel will be nice viewed from both sides. Flower for you.

cindy12 by cindy12 27 Apr 2008

Thanks for the advice! I would like to make bath towels too. Do you recommend using solvie on both sides too?

elenu by elenu 27 Apr 2008

Thanks Mops. It is tedious & I did do that but the threads were the problem, I clipped them but worried about being too close that they would unravel when the towels were washed. Shirlene says its ok to snip close so next time I shall clip closer!!