by ceramickids 30 Jul 2011

Cuties, there is a Nice Bathtime Ladybug set, Just for today. Just click on download set


by loosie 30 Jul 2011

Very cute thanks for the tip!

by caroldann 30 Jul 2011

Yes, these are really cute,But they did not stitch out well. They were freebies about a year ago, I tried one and it was really bad and it wasn't my thread, fabric or stabalizer. It has since been deleted. Hugs...Carol

by snowbird42 30 Jul 2011

thanks they are really cute

by marjialexa Moderator 30 Jul 2011

This site has auto-digitized designs that aren't going to sew out well. Also, the designs are only up for such a limited time, and you don't mention what day "today" is, this post is going to float around for days and days. Please, if you must post these site and it's sister site, could you please put it under the "freebie" tab where it belongs? It's good to know about free designs from good sites, but newbies get all excited about these free auto digitized designs, and you're going to be very disappointed when you sew them out on something without testing them first and ruin a good shirt or blanket. And no one is going to thank you for recommending a site that has really badly digitized designs. So, here's a link to a tutorial for how to post freebies in the freebie tab, and a like to a discussion of the other "sweet embroidery" site. Thanks, Marji

mops by mops 30 Jul 2011

Thanks Marji.

caroldann by caroldann 30 Jul 2011

I'll second that! Hugs..Carol

debleerl by debleerl 30 Jul 2011

Thanks for reposting for the newbies.