by melnic 26 Jul 2011

Do I have to use embroidery needles or can I use universal needles in my embroidery machine?


by kttyhwk4 26 Jul 2011

I tend to use both as the univeral needles are somestimes out of stock when I need to make a purchase.

by danababes 26 Jul 2011

I use Schmetz Top Stitch needles.

by pcteddyb 26 Jul 2011

I use 80/12 Schmetz universals for most things on my embrodiery and sewing machines. I purchase them by the 100's for around $50 US. I do use a sharp or embrodiery needle for cardstock and speciality needle for leather.

by noah 26 Jul 2011

I use the same needle for all my machines and my sergers,i bought 100 for ten dollard on here (internet)and the singer repair man said thats what he sales also so i guess universial hugs carolyn

melnic by melnic 26 Jul 2011

Hi Carolyn, I need to search for cheaper needles as I pay $1.40 per needle for Schmetz embroidery needles in ZA. Universal Schmetz not really much cheaper!

cfidl by cfidl 27 Jul 2011

I bought Schmetz gold for $3.69 5/pk on ebay.

by jaddas 26 Jul 2011

I use needles universal.

by eastwitch2 26 Jul 2011


What machine do you have and what Brand name of needles does your machine use?
Are the needles Flat shanked - flat on the back top part of the needle and rounded on the front?

Below is information if you are using the Flat Shanked needles that fit most Home style sewing /embroidery machines.

If you are using the Schmetz Universal needles then that is all right to use them for embroidery.

Universal needles have a tip that is a little more rounded than a Sharp Point Embroidery Needle and not as rounded as a Ball Point embroidery needle which is used for embroidering on knit type fabrics.

If you are using Organ needles then you can use the regular Crome needles 15x1 (sharp point) or 15x1BP (ball point) depending on the fabric you are stitching on. Sharp Points for woven fabrics, Ball points for knit type fabrics.
You can also use these for regular sewing too.

I usually use the regular chrome Flat Shanked Organ needles with the number 15x1 in either sharp points or ball points in a size 75/11 or 80/12 for most of my embroidery.
I also use Schmetz Universal needles and the Schmetz Embroidery Needles in size 80/12 or 75/11 for embroidery too.

The Organ needles are less money than the Schmetz needles but are the same quality as Schmetz.

For embroidering with Metallic thread you can use the Schmetz Metallica needles in size 80/12 or a size 90/14.

Or for embroidering with Metallic thread you can use the Organ Large Eyed needles 15x1ST in sharp point or ball point in size 80/12. These needles have a larger eye than the regular chrome Organ needles so the metallic thread moves easily through the eye of the needle and this puts less friction on the metallic thread as you stitch with it.

For most embroidery I find that a size 75/11 or 80/12 needle works best and you really do not need to use a larger size than these.

Hope this helps you!

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melnic by melnic 26 Jul 2011

Whow! Thanks a lot for the info. I have an Elna sewing, 2 x Elna overlockers, and an Elna embroidery machine all set up in my sewing room. I've been buying Smetz embroidery needles in a packet (3 x 75 & 2 X 90) at the equivalent of $1-40 per needle! Costly to say .. today I decided to test universal needles .. so far so good. Thank you ever so much for the guidelines

by jofrog2000 26 Jul 2011

Here are some things to read up on. Embroidery needles are made with a larger eye than regular sewing needles. I use size 11 Organ needles for my ME, and a size 14 for ITH and quilting, since it has to go through more layers.

by blueeyedblonde 26 Jul 2011

When I first started, I didn't know there were actually embroidery needles. However, since I was doing things on bluejean material, I continued using my jean needles and have had no problem.
I guess experimenting will let us know how our machine and thread work with whatever we're emb. on.
I'm sure someone with a lot more knowledge will be along to let you have better info. and I'll be ckg. back to learn more - thanks for asking this ques.

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melnic by melnic 26 Jul 2011

It seems that the universal needles are working on felt, no problems so far. Wished for a better response, let's hope somebody out there.....

by aleene 26 Jul 2011

I have used universal needles with no problems,but the embroidery needles make smaller holes in the fabric.

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melnic by melnic 26 Jul 2011

Does size make a difference?